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AURUS KORTEZH - The Russian President's limousine -


- The Russian President's Limousine -

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In May 2018, the Russian President's new limousine made its official appearance at his presidential inauguration.

Vidéo de cette intronisation en mai 2018

This Model of the brand "AURUS" called in Russia "KORTEZH" (Procession) is from a project of the same name. It was launched in 2012, from the will of the Russian President, to compete with the luxury limousines, as well as to show the power during his travels as the American President does with his "CADILLAC ONE".

For this new Russian limousine, several sketches have been made

to define ideas,

and an aesthetic.
A functional model was built and the optics and air inlets were later modified.
The outcome of this AURUS Kortezh Limousine is reminiscent of the Rolls-Royce style.

Here are some characteristics of the vehicle:
6.84 meters long
2 meters wide
More than 6 tons

The budget for the design and production of this limousine was around 170 million Euros with a view to manufacturing other models such as limousines or the AURUS Senate, the AURUS Arsenal Estate or the AURUS Komandeur 4x4.
The objective was to create a Russian luxury brand reminiscent of the time when the Soviets created their own limousines.
The interior is very luxurious.
And one can distinguish the emblem of Russia with the two-headed eagle on the steering wheel.

It is screened during foreign visits of the Russian President, as here in October 2019 during an official visit to the United Arab Emirates.
there, in Belgrade, Serbia, in January 2019,

or here, with these two videos, in Paris in 2019:

This video on the Avenue "des Champs Elysées" in Paris
And in the streets in Paris 
or there in Rome, Italy, also in 2019:

or here during the Russian-American summit in Geneva on June 16, 2021or here during the Russian-American summit in Geneva on June 16, 2021

Video of his convoy during this visit to Geneva

Russian President's official visit to Helsinski, Finland in July 2018 
The idea is to sell it later as a luxury sedan.

Here is a video of its design

The convertible model of the AURUS Senate was also developed and unveiled on May 07, 2019 at the Victory over Nazi Germany Day parade in Moscow.

Here are two of these models with the Russian Minister of Defense aboard 0001 MO on the right, and the General of the Russian Army aboard 0002 MO on the left.

The two ZIL 41044 during a Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow
This ceremony was also done in Russian limousines before.

ZIL 41045
Already in the time of the Soviet Union, the dignitaries drove in limousines.
With the fall of the USSR, Russian presidents will change by driving around in Mercedes Limousines.
whether in Moscow, within the Russian territory or internationally.

First with a Mercedes S500 V140 from 1994 from the tuner TRASCO BREMEN
then a 2004 Mercedes S600 Pullman
and finally a Mercedes S600 Pullman from 2011

President MEDVEDEV getting out of a Mercedes Limousine in the late 2000s
Here is the Russian President MEDVEDEV at the end of the years 2000 on the Red square leaving one of them.
Russian Mercedes Limousine at Versailles in 2017 during the official visit of the Russian President
or here during a visit to France in 2017 of the Russian President, Vladimir PUTIN.
Convoys in Moscow are always impressive.

On these videos, we can see the principle of a protective bubble around the Russian presidential limousine on the main Moscow avenues:

Video of 2012
This need to show power in the escort and speed of movement has always taken place. We remember in 2012, the scenario of the Russian president's inauguration, where the streets were emptied of traffic, and where the presidential convoy had covered, from the Russian Parliament to the Kremlin, its 5 kilometers of distance...

AURUS Senate opening the Russian presidential motorcade
In the same perspective of change, the escort vehicles have been replaced by AURUS Senat small limousines 
Arsenal AURUS ready to escort the Russian President's Limousine
as well as AURUS Arsenal.

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You can see on these videos the Russian processions currently:

In the streets of Moscow

n the streets of  Moscow

In the streets of Moscow

Arrival in Helsinski, Finland in July 2018

Visit in July 2018 to Helsinski, Finland
The Russian President also has two presidential aircraft at his disposal.


Ilyushin II-96 of the Russian National Transport Company

 They are managed by the Russian National Transport Company.


Ilyushin II-96 at the Russian-American summit on June 15, 2021

The two models are ILIOUCHINE II-96.


Ilyushin II-96 of the Russian National Transport Company

They allow the Russian President to travel medium and long distances to different Russian provinces or around the world.


The Russian President also uses Mil Mi 8 helicopters in Russian colors.



In this photo, we can see one of them in August 2018 in France, in Marignane, during a visit with the French President.

This limousine exists in scale 1/87 produced by the brand BOS MODELS

These pictures of this AURUS KORTEZH limousine
are taken from the episode of the Web Series "GSG9 1/87" below:


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