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Security of U.S. and Canadian nuclear sites - English Version


Security of U.S.A and Canadian nuclear sites

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In the USA and Canada, most of the security at nuclear power plant sites is contracted out to private companies.

Armed guards from the G4S Company guarding a nuclear site in the USA

In the USA, after September 11, 2001, the 104 nuclear reactor sites became fortresses, fenced in, monitored by cameras and other sensors, and protected by armed guards.

Armed guard in front of the entrance to a sensitive site of a U.S. nuclear power plant

More than 9,500 private guards are deployed at these sites to protect them. In 2005, the U.S. Congress authorized these guards to use automatic weapons to repel any threatening intruder.

Armed guard in a watchtower at a US nuclear power plant

Watchtowers have been placed in the most sensitive compounds to deal with all kinds of attacks.

Two armed guards at a US nuclear site

The American authorities take seriously the risk of an attack that could be caused by a terrorist or terrorists to mark the minds.

Simulation of a terrorist attack on an American nuclear site

To ensure that these private guards are well trained, simulated attacks are regularly carried out to test and analyze areas for improvement.

Shooting training of an American private guard

Shooting trainings are done every week to keep these personnel up to date.

Simulation of a terrorist attack on an American nuclear site

Assessments are made every year to establish the level of security of these companies against the risk of infiltration or risk of explosions on the sensitive sites of the nuclear power plant.

Two private guards in front of the entrance of a nuclear power plant in Florida

In order to prevent a suicide bomber vehicle from trying to enter a nuclear site, anti-passing barriers and armed private guards are placed at the site entrances to prevent the vehicle from passing through, even if it means opening fire on the vehicle.

Private guard in front of a cooling tower of an American nuclear site

Indeed, the American authorities have created a set of regulations to authorize the use of automatic weapons by taking into account the laws of the states where the nuclear sites are located.

Private guard inside an American nuclear power plant

Similarly, in the face of new risks such as the use of drones with explosive charges, the theft of radioactive materials, attempts to violate the perimeter to be defended, and acts of sabotage, vandalism and terrorist risks, private companies have adapted their defense measures to these cases.

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Members of the NRT at the Canadian Bruce nuclear power plant in Ontario.

Canada has copied virtually the same measures for its nuclear sites with specialized, armed teams.


Le NRT canadien 

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Members of a USMC SRT in training

For U.S. military sites using nuclear power, such as naval bases with nuclear-powered submarines or aircraft carriers, they are protected by USMC SRTs

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Members of a USAF TRT during a training session

US air bases with missiles with nuclear warheads are protected by USAF TRTs:

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Members of a US ARMY SRT in training

or on Intercontinental Nuclear Missile Launcher Bases, they are protected by SRT US ARMY:  

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French Marines patrolling a French naval base
French military bases, holding nuclear missiles, and nuclear powered ships, such as submarines and the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle, are also closely guarded, as here on this naval base with these marine fusiliers. They are classified as ZDHS for "Zone de Défense Hautement Stratégique".

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  Armed guards from the G4S Company guarding the compound of a nuclear site in the USA

This security scheme is also found in the United Kingdom at some nuclear sites, where the private company G4S provides security at the Hinkey Point C site under construction, as well as in Belgium at the Thirange nuclear site.


In January 2021, Allied Universal, an American company specializing in security (guarding) and facility management (concierge and technological surveillance), took over these highly specialized guards, following the merger of part of G4S.

French PSPG gendarmes in front of a cooling tower of a French nuclear power plant

France has decided that its nuclear sites are defended by specialized units of the Gendarmerie Nationale, the PSPG.

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Japanese simulation of protection of the Fukushima site on 12/05/2013
The risk of Nuclear Radiological, Bacteriological, Chemical and Explosive attack is also taken into account in other countries.

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