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Joint German Army and German Police intervention during attacks - English Version


Joint German Army and German Police
intervention during attacks

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Police and military woman during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
In March 2017, an exercise called GETEX ( ihe German anagram of Gemeinsame Terrorismusabwehr-Exercise,
which in English would translate into "Joint Counterterrorism Exercise.")

This simulation was realized with the German army (Bundeswehr) and the German police (Bundespolizei) in the framework of the fight against terrorism.
Indeed, the terrorist risk is real on the German territory:
For years, this one has taken on different faces:

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Solutions have been found and these units have adapted to them:

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Presentation to the authorities of the various resources pooled in the framework of the March 2017 exercise
In order to complete the German counter-terrorism intervention system, the Federal Minister of Defense and the Minister of the Interior, together with a GETEX command post, developed this exercise in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Saarland.

German soldiers in patrol
An important law in the German constitution provides for a separation between external and internal security of the German Army. Indeed, Bundeswehr soldiers never intervened in Germany.

German military, deminer and police officer during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
After the terrorist attacks on German territory in 2016, the government decided nevertheless that the army could secure and intervene to protect the population with the use of Bundeswehr soldiers in Germany.

Demonstration of an arrest by GETEX police and military officers from 07 to 09/03/2017
Different scenarios took place:
In Munich, in the main station with a person with a gun and material for a bomb.

Demonstration of a vehicle control during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
In Dusseldorf, an explosion in an airport terminal with 20 possible deaths and hundreds of injuries. Data from a smartphone indicates additional attacks at the airports of Cologne / Bonn and Münster / Osnabrück.

Police officers deployed in the city of Bremen during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
A shipping agent informs the police in Hamburg that he has lost contact with a truck driver.

Members of the BFE+ intervening in the Lichtenberg station on 25/09/2017
Anti-terrorism simulations are regularly carried out in different German federal states:

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Police and military woman during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
This first joint exercise on a GETEX will allow to deepen the cooperation and the coordination between the police and the army, and to improve common operating modes.

Members of the German Military Police in progress
During this exercise more than 360 soldiers were mobilized.

German Army exercise of Operation PEGASUS in 2016
Germany is already familiar with urban response measures from its combat experience in Afghanistan and has already conducted exfiltration exercises of European nationals as below during an exercise with Dutch and Belgian military forces that took place from May 29 to June 03, 2016 in northern Belgium.

Videos of this exercise:

Members of the German Military Police in progress
The deployment of the German army in the Länder is controversial because of the country's history with the Nazi period from 1930 to 1945.

Members of SEK Bayern
This is why they will only intervene at the request of the German Federal States in very serious emergency situations.

  Twopolicemen of Saxeland
  In the event of multiple attacks throughout Germany, the Army can mobilize forces to protect and support official buildings and places such as railway stations, airports, bus terminals, tramways and subways.
They will thus complement local police units and their special forces

 You can also find
the German intervention units in English Version:

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Joint Army - Police - Rescue Demonstration at BAYTEX 2018 in PENZING
Since then, anti-terrorist exercises are carried out within the framework of joint training, Police - Rescue services and the German Army  and provides its most modern equipment:

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German police officer during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
It is now a complement for the Police of a Land
for roadblocks or interventions in hazardous areas.

Video of one of these demonstrations:

  Two membres of SEK Bayern
The reflection was also made following the massacre in Munich on July 22, 2016, with the analysis: if several attacks in other cities had taken place on the German territory at the same time, how would the authorities of each Land face the authorities of each state?

Find out what happened on that day:

Members of the SEK Bayern Munich on 22/07/16
On July 22, 2016, a shooting broke out in one of MUNICH's largest shopping malls, resulting in nine deaths and thirty-five injuries.

Deployment of police in Munich on 22/07/16
Not knowing if it was a terrorist attack, the German authorities dispatched numerous police forces and triggered Imminent Attack Alert actions:

Police officers holding an entrance to the Munich subway on 7/22/16
Public transport stopped, with closure of the metro, train stations, bus, train and streetcar lines,

Police officers securing a place of passage in Munich on 7/22/16
Police deployed in numbers on different strategic points,

Bundespolizei armored car patrolling the streets of Munich - 07/22/16
Dispatch of armor in the first hours of the attack and message to the population to stay at home until the alert is lifted.

Evacuation of civilians protected by police in Munich on 22/07/16
She evacuated people from the mall where the shooting started.

Members of the SEK Bayern deployed in Munich - 22/07/16
The search has begun to find the suspect or suspects...

Bundespolizei armored car patrolling Munich - 07/22/16
Patrols continued in different parts of the city, late in the night.

Police officers in observation position in Munich on 22/07/16
It was in fact a teenager who had set up his victims on Facebook and then shot them at random. He killed himself. This type of killing spree is known as AMOK.

  Germany also implemented a civil defense plan in August 2016, asking its population to stockpile food, two liters of water per person over a five-day period, and a stockpile of food to sustain itself for ten days.

Members of SEK Bayern
The plan also provides for contingency plans in case of water or electricity supply interruptions, a series of security measures in case of chemical, atomic or biological crisis, or cyber attacks...

French military close to the Bataclan attack on 11/13/2015
Other countries have already integrated, to ensure protection in case of terrorist attacks, their military forces, like here in France with the soldiers of Operation SENTINELLE during the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris. You can find the alert levels set up in France below:

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Belgian soldiers in the center of Brussels - Late November 2015
Or here the Belgian army, deployed in Brussels following an imminent risk of attack in late 2015.

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2005 - Training of Danish Military Police
Other European countries, such as Denmark, are also considering using their military on their territory to maintain order, as well as to support the local police in case of multiple and simultaneous terrorist attacks.

Training of French Special Forces in a building
France has already prepared, for several years, special forces of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force for the risk of multiple attacks on several cities on the French territory with the INVEX of COS

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