samedi 13 août 2022

GSG9 1/87 – Season 4 - Episode 5 – Part 2 – English Version


   - English Version -

This story is fiction.

Character names and facts are fictitious.

Any resemblance to actual or actual persons or situations is purely coincidental.

Translated with (free version)

(Sorry if there are errors in the meaning, word or verb of the expressions).

- Version Française -
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- SEASON 4 - 


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 Summary of the first part of this episode: Nikolai KASPATINOFF, the Russian mafia boss wanted by all the police in Germany, has been arrested.

Jurgen ADENOER leaves BERLIN to go to BONN with one of his teams.

At the same time, a military convoy is about to leave the German navy base of NORDHOLZ, in the north of Germany, to join a base of the BUNDESWEHR, the army, in the south, by taking the German Highways... 

However, one of the soldiers met some strange people before leaving...




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