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VBP CENTAURE - Armored vehicle of the French National Gendarmerie - English Version



- Armored vehicle of the French National Gendarmerie -

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The CENTAURE armored vehicle (VBP) is an armored vehicle of the French Gendarmerie Nationale. The French Ministry of the Interior decided on this choice in October 2021 after a call for tenders launched earlier.

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Le remplacement des VBRG
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It is the replacement of the Gendarmerie Nationale's wheeled armored vehicles (VBRG), which were put into service in 1974.

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This vehicle is initially intended for the restoration of order in a highly degraded situation, as well as operations under fire from weapons or incendiary devices.


It is part of the crisis intervention vehicles that many countries have adopted:

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Survivor R from SEK Saxony

Like here in Germany, with the "SURVIVOR R" that can be found in several German cities. 

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The crew of this vehicle is composed of a pilot, a passenger and a commander and can transport 6 gendarmes. It can also be configured to carry 12 gendarmes.

It is equipped with a blade that allows it to push obstacles such as stones or cars placed across the road. Its power will allow it to either hit or pull obstacles in front of it.

Its armor also allows it to approach a dangerous area in front of an armed, entrenched madman or terrorists. For this purpose, it is equipped with ports allowing an armed response from the occupants in the event of fire against the vehicle. It can be used in the Gendarmerie's Augmented Intervention Device (DIAG) if needed.

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The rear ramp, also armored, allows the gendarmes to get down safely.


This vehicle is from a variation of an infantry vehicle designed by the French company SOFRAME, a subsidiary of the LOHR Group and was designed in 2016.

The Gendarmerie Nationale has ordered 90 of these vehicles to replace aging VBRGs. They will be delivered in batches of 30 per year between 2022 and 2024. Some will be deployed overseas, as is the case for the VBRGs, and some will be deployed in mainland France, including 20 at the GBGM (Groupement de Blindés de la Gendarmerie Mobile) near Paris. The others will be assigned to the provinces according to service requirements.

They will be equipped against ballistic, incendiary and chemical aggressions, with video surveillance cameras allowing them to visualize their environment, as well as night vision cameras, a tear gas launching system and other more specific equipment such as a gunshot detector indicating the direction of a firearm shot.

They will also be equipped with acoustic and light deterrent systems, as well as a self-protection device that releases tear gas around the vehicle.


The first vehicle was delivered in the first half of 2022 for initial testing. It weighs 14.5 tons and has a maximum road speed of 110 km/h.


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