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Secured nuclear convoys - English Version


- Secured Nuclear Convoys -
 - English Version -

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German nuclear rail convoy with "CASTOR" trains
Countries with nuclear power plants, reprocessing centers and storage facilities transport radioactive fuel or waste as well as nuclear weapons transports on their territory.

French nuclear convoy
Most of the nuclear convoys use roads, railways or even maritime routes.

French nuclear convoy
For example, in France, road convoys are escorted by the Gendarmerie Nationale, with heavily armed gendarmes, who are ready, in case of a terrorist attack against the convoy following a shock, the use of weapons, hostage taking, use of booby-trapped drones, to act according to the threat.


French Gendarmes intervening to dislodge GREENPEACE activists on a truck transporting
 a tank for a nuclear power plant in 2016

  They are also trained to deal with interventions by environmentalists or pacifists who may block the convoy to denounce nuclear power. They must also be aware that terrorists could have slipped in among the participants, to take advantage of "collateral damage" by taking advantage of the presence of peaceful activists, wanting to make the gendarmes hesitate in their actions to neutralize the threat.

French nuclear convoy
Conventional trucks, with low-level radioactive material, are also escorted.

Truck with protective trailer for radioactive transport
For more radioactive material, the trucks are equipped with armored trailers designed against a risk of road accident in case of collision, fall, fire or immersion.

PSMP  Patrol
Similarly, for maritime escorts of ships carrying nuclear waste or fuel arriving in French ports, PSMP gendarmes escort them against any risk such as kamikaze boats wanting to sink the ship, or attempts to take the crew and cargo hostage.

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- PSMP -
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For rail transport, it is wagons called "CASTOR" that carry the waste or fuel.

  CASTOR Wagons
They too are conditioned to resist in case of derailment, violent shocks, falls, fire or even immersion.
For France, the transports are classified "SECRET DEFENSE" and are managed by the French Ministry of Energy Transition. As an example in 2017, the French Ministry of Energy Transition totaled 26% of the distribution of classified "Secret Defense" documents, compared to 44% for the French Ministry of Defense and 13% for the French Ministry of the Interior.

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CASTOR rail convoy from the Netherlands to France in 2011
These "CASTOR" trains also travel to other countries for fuel reprocessing, as here in the Netherlands, heading to France in 2011.

DGA truck under gendarmerie escort
Similarly, the ETMS (Escadron sur Transport de Matériel Spécialisé) transports French nuclear missiles for the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement).

Secure convoy of the French Air Force
The French Gendarmerie de l'Air escorts oversized vehicles and sensitive transports of the French Air Force.

Mercedes VARIO Armored of the British Police
In England, it is armored escort vehicles that protect convoys, like here, this Mercedes VARIO of the English Police,

Armored Mercedes VARIO in charge of the English nuclear escorts
Or this other Mercedes VARIO.

English nuclear convoy
Here too, the crews protecting the convoy are armed to face any terrorist risk. They go from the English nuclear power plants to a treatment center or vice versa.

British trucks transporting radioactive materials in 2010
Here again, the trucks are secured for this type of transport against shocks, falls, fires and immersion.

Here is a video of an English convoy.

It can happen that demonstrators block a convoy
like here on this video.

German nuclear road convoy in 2005
The Germans can also be confronted with these demonstrations.

German nuclear road convoy
For this purpose, the road convoys are always escorted by police officers in charge of maintaining order.

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German nuclear road convoy in 2010
This involves specific convoys to protect the trucks,

German police officers deploying along the tracks to protect a "CASTOR" convoy. 
And a substantial number of police officers.

German police officers protecting a "CASTOR" convoy
Also, for the railways.

German policemen sawing the rail to free demonstrators chained to the rail
Germany has units to intervene on demonstrators who could become chained to the rail.

German demonstrators braking a nuclear train
The aim is for the demonstrators to denounce the use of nuclear power, and that the convoys are extremely expensive in terms of transport and protection...

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Scale 1/87 diorama of a CASTOR transport
Discover 1/87 dioramas of German CASTOR transports

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Videos of these demonstrations:

Or here images of a nuclear road transport
 in one of the episodes of the Web Series

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In the United States, personnel recruited within the Office of Secure Transportation attached to the NNSA, the "National Nuclear Security Administration", are in charge of the security of nuclear convoys.

American nuclear convoy
The escorts are large and include armored vehicles.

Members of the OST in training
Personnel are also heavily armed to deal with an attack.

Members of the OST in training
Training is regular.

Japanese simulation of protection of the Fukushima site on 12/05/2013
The risk of a Nuclear Radiological, Bacteriological, Chemical and Explosive attack is also taken into account in other countries.
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Members of the OST during a nuclear transfer
They are equipped with different vehicles allowing them to escort and intervene on various risks.

Find other American armored vehicles:
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    Armed guards of the G4S Company guarding a nuclear site in the USA

Note that following the September 11, 2001 attacks, U.S. and Canadian nuclear sites are mostly guarded by armed private companies.

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U.S. military escort of military nuclear transports in 2014
The U.S. military may also escort military nuclear convoys.

Members of the SRT USMC.
Note, that to ensure the security of US military sites such as US air or naval bases, they have special units.

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French PSPG gendarmes during training at a nuclear power plant
France, too, has specialized units for its nuclear centers: the PSPG
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Video of the airborne paratroopers in charge of the protection of French air bases
French military bases, holding nuclear missiles, are also closely guarded, as here on the presentation of the French Airborne Paratroopers in charge of the protection of military air bases,

Patrol of Marine fusiliers on a French naval base
or on this naval base with these fusiliers with its submarines and the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, all nuclear powered. They are classified as ZDHS for "Zone de Défense Hautement Stratégique".


Canadian members of the NRT during a training session
In Canada, specialized units protect their nuclear power plants like here the NRT of the "BRUCE" nuclear power plant which is located in Ontario.


Link in French to the attitudes to adopt
in case of nuclear risks:

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Technological Risks
How to react to: an industrial accident, nuclear accident, mining risk,
dam breakage, transport of dangerous materials
Lien gouvernemental français
 sur la prévention des Risques Majeurs 
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