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CBRNE Risk - English Version


  CBRNE Risk
 - English Version -

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Intervention simulation in France in 2011
The risks of Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive attacks (CBRNE) are taken into account by many countries.

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Exercise in France in April 2016 in St Etienne
Indeed, the possibility, by terrorists, to create a dirty bomb, such as a bomb with radioactive waste, called "Weapons of Mass Disruption", is real. The goal is not to create a nuclear bomb like those used by the military. Everyone knows that radioactivity is dangerous. It is not the contamination that is the main goal.

Exercise in France in april 2016 in St Etienne
The main objective is to create panic: hospitals are overwhelmed, transportation is blocked, companies that are in the area of the explosion are ruined. When the site is finally decontaminated, the local economy is devastated... All the properties in a large perimeter where the explosion would have taken place would be worthless, due to the psychological fact that the area may still be contaminated.

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View of a street in the city of FUTABA near Fukushima, 5 years after the 2011 explosion
This is demonstrated following the nuclear accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima, whose property values within a 50-kilometer radius are now worthless...

German police officers near the arrest of an individual suspected of preparing ricin for a chemical attack on 12/06/18
To show that the risk is real, on June 12, 2018, German authorities foiled a biological attack using ricin. This plant-based poison is 6,000 times more powerful than cyanide. It had been found in the apartment of the suspect 84 milligrams of ricin, flammable bottles, 950 grams of pyrotechnic powder and 240 metal balls.


Rescue workers responding to the sarin gas attack in Tokyo on 3/20/95
Many countries are aware of the CBRNE threat. We remember in 1995, the attack by a sect, in Japan in 1995, in Tokyo, sarin gas that had been spread in the subway.

Japanese training to CBRN risk
The Japanese continue to carry out exercises in front of this risk.

Photo in front of the Capitol in Washington
Also, we remember the wave of mail in 2001, which had affected the USA, with Anthrax. Since then, all the American cities have equipped themselves with HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) teams that allow them to intervene in contaminated environments.

Members of the Dutch BSB during a CBRN intervention demonstration
To face this risk, countries have equipped their police intervention units with special equipment for this type of risk.

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Japanese simulation of protection of the Fukushima site on 12/05/2013
Japanese authorities have also taken into account the risk of terrorists who would want to take radioactive waste to design a dirty bomb. As here, during a training in May 2013 of intervention on people wanting to take radioactive objects.

Japanese simulation of protection of the Fukushima site on 12/05/2013
The scenario took into account an arrival by sea, with an anti-terrorist team of the Japanese Coast Guard,

Japanese simulation of protection of the Fukushima site on 12/05/2013
as well as an attempt on the ground. The Japanese authorities fear that the site is an interesting target for terrorists because the cooling systems are fragile.

French Rescue workers in CBRNE uniform during the exercise of 22/03/2019
Exercises are also carried out around this risk, as here in the north of France,


Police officers during the exercise in Nîmes on 15/03/16
Or here also in France, in 2016, in order to secure the EURO 2016.


Here is a link to another exercise that took place in St Etienne, in April 2016:


Member of the BFE+ and 2 rescue workers during the October 2017 Wunderbaum exercise in Berlin
Germany in October 2017, near Berlin.

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Canadian police officers during exercise "MONTREAL 360" in October 2015
In Canada, in October 2015, in Montreal.


Military exercise during the POLARIS 2018 operation at the Vienna International Airport
Austria, in 2018, during the POLARIS 2018 training.

Singaporean police and firefighters during a simulation on 18/11/15
  In Singapore in 2015

American rescue workers in the state of Kentucky training on CBRN risk
in the USA, in Kentucky.

Members of the PSPG during a training session in a French nuclear power plant
Faced with the risk of terrorist attacks, many countries have secured their nuclear power plant sites, such as France with gendarmerie units distributed within the PSPG:

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 G4S USA armed guards on an American nuclear site

It can be noted that in the USA, as well as in Belgium, these security services of nuclear sensitive areas, but also of sites such as transport networks, ports, airports or governmental sites are proposed to private security companies, such as for example "G4S" which manages five on the American continent. This British group also provides security in Belgium for the Tihange nuclear site and in the United Kingdom for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, as well as for certain British prisons.
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In January 2021, Allied Universal, a U.S. company specializing in security (guarding) and facility management (janitorial and technology monitoring), actually took over these highly specialized guards, following the merger of part of G4S

Training of Canadian Members of NRT
Canadian members of the NRT during a training session
 Or as here, in Canada, with units specially designed for this purpose:


U.S. Nuclear Convoy
Countries also protect convoys carrying radioactive materials from attack:

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