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CADILLAC ONE and TWO Escort Vehicles - English Version


CADILLAC ONE and TWO Escort Vehicles

 - English Version -

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Updatet: 31/10/2022
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President TRUMP's convoy in February 2020 arriving at the Daytone 500 Crowd

When the U.S. President and U.S. Vice President travel on road convoys, many vehicles make up the escort of CADILLAC ONE and CADILLAC TWO.


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Chevrolet Blazer of the US Secret Service during a trip of the American President

There are vehicles with plainclothes bodyguards of the US Secret Service in charge of the close protection of the President,


Membres du CAT lors d'une escorte du Président américain

SUVs with members of the CAT on board,

the "Counter Assault Team" of the US Secret Service.

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2010 Chevrolet Suburban countermeasures from the U.S. Secret Service

as well as SUVs equipped with electronic countermeasures against IEDs (improvised explosive devices) that can be remotely controlled through telephones or by wave.


Ford F550 of the US Secret Service during a trip to Japan of the US President

There is also a vehicle carrying equipment against the CBRNE risk (Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) which allows the whole escort to defend itself against this type of risk.


Vice President Kamala HARRIS to travel to Vietnam in August 2021

We can also find CHEVROLET SUBURBAN for the American President or his Vice President during trips other than with CADILLAC "ONE" and "TWO"

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Roadrunner Ford F350 Super Duty

There is also a vehicle for secure connections between the U.S. President and the U.S. military command, which is provided by the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). Here is its deployment from 1975 to today.


Roadrunner van from a WHCA CCT in 1978

The first portable satellite terminals arrived in 1975. The CCTs (Communications Contingency Teams) under the WHCA were teams that ensured the authority of the US President's National Command and the continuity of government at the height of the Cold War.


Transtar motorhome with Coyote system from a WHCA CCT in 1980

It was really in the early 1980s that these portable satellite terminals were used in communication vehicles, the "ROADRUNNER", and now follow the American President on all his domestic and international trips.


Coyote system on board a motor home in 1980

It was first in a motor home that the communication systems called "COYOTE" were installed. This one could embark in a military transport plane. It was deployed in emergency situations. In 1983, the CCT teams were renamed to CST for "Communication Support Team".


A camper van of a CST team in Bonn, Germany in 1985

The vans were very often camping cars at their beginning because of the size of the communication devices and remained very often immobile. The miniaturization of the means of communication was made progressively. Thereafter, it was civil vans rented to rental companies without flashing light nor siren. Later, the vehicles were prepared and kept by the WHCA.


A 1995 Ford E350 Econoline Roadrunner

In 1986, the first "ROADRUNNER" became part of the presidential motorcade. The purpose of the "ROADRUNNER" was to have a vehicle that would follow the presidential motorcade at all times to communicate with Washington and the Armed Command Centers.


2003 Chevrolet Roadrunner

During the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., the CSTs demonstrated the usefulness of this service in the event of a major crisis to ensure continuity of command for the U.S. President with his armed forces while he is away.


2008 Chevrolet Roadrunner

The internet was also a major challenge as all communications had to be encrypted and transferred to the President's phone during the movement of the convoy


A Ford F350 Super Duty Roadrunner in front of Buckingham Palace in London in 2018

For 2018, a new "ROADRUNNER" has arrived. It is a six-door Ford F350 Super Duty. The president is always in contact with the Pentagon and his government with encrypted means whether it be internet, video, telephone, and all via a constellation of communications satellites.


A Ford F350 Super Duty Roadrunner on the tarmac of an airfield

This makes it a highly secure rolling router and would allow a nuclear strike to be launched from CADILLAC ONE. It is also equipped with radiofrequency, electromagnetic and thermal countermeasures.


Two Ford F350 Super Duty Roadrunners

It is not unusual to see several "ROADRUNNERS" in the same place in case of engine failure of one of them allowing the continuity of communications.


American presidential limousines and their escort cars in a C17
All of these vehicles are transported by US Air Force C17 Globemaster aircraft when traveling in the USA or abroad.
This is done a few days before the arrival of the president.
Here are some videos
of American presidents with their escort vehicles.

Visit of Donald TRUMP during the G20 2017 in HAMBURG

Barack OBAMA's visit to LONDON in 2016

Barack OBAMA's visit to BERLIN in 2013
This model exists in 1/87 scale produced by the brand BOS MODELS
Scale: 1/87 Reference: 218689

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