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CADILLAC ONE - The BEAST - English Version


- The BEAST -
     - English Version -

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Artist's view
Will the US President's next CADILLAC ONE be an electric limousine?
  Indeed, current American policy is focused on the country's economic recovery, with a choice of electric cars, as seen here with the CADILLAC LYRIC.
Artist's view
The choice of model for several years has been CADILLAC. 

Here is the current 2018 limousine of the President of the United States of America:

Still long and massive...

Here are six videos about this new 2018 Cadillac One:
Arrival of the American President Joe BIDEN at the Vatican
in Rome on October 29, 2021  
Meeting of the American President Joe Biden and the Russian President Vladimir Putin
in Geneva on June 16, 2021
the same day. 

Visit of former US President Donald TRUMP with the new CADILLAC ONE in 2018 in New York

Visit of former US President Donald TRUMP with the new CADILLAC ONE in 2019 in London

Visit of former US President Donald TRUMP with the new CADILLAC ONE in 2019 in New York

To protect the President of the United States when he travels by car, he owns over-armored presidential cars nicknamed "CADILLAC ONE".

Here are six of them during the inauguration of the American President Joe BIDEN, on January 20, 2021, in the streets of Washington.
We can see a protective bubble made by six members of the "US Secret Service". The idea of this bubble comes from an attack which had taken place in 1934, on the King Alexander 1st of Yugoslavia, at the time of a visit in the city of MARSEILLE in FRANCE. You have the explanation with the link below:


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This designator, CADILLAC ONE, corresponds to the vehicle in which the President of the USA is. For his plane the call sign is "AIR FORCE ONE" and his helicopter "MARINE ONE".

Inauguration of US President Barack OBAMA on January 20, 2009 in Washington
Its other nickname is "The BEAST", this limousine is 5,50m long and 1,77m high. 
The US President's state visit to Poland in January 2023
It weighs over 7 tonnes with armour.

President TRUMP's convoy in February 2020 arriving at the Daytone 500 Crowd

Limousines often change bodywork when a new president arrives

The old model, just as heavy, had moreover found itself blocked in Ireland in 2011, during an exit of the American embassy in Dublin, because of its length and its weight!!!

It has a shielding of 20 centimeters at the level of the doors and 12 cm the rest of the body.

  It is airtight and has an oxygen reserve in case of bacteriological attack. The tires are reinforced with Kevlar to resist bullet impacts. It is at the disposal of the President of the USA during his descent from MARINE ONE,
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as well as his descent from AIR FORCE ONE.

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Walk up Pennslvannia Avenue during the inauguration of President Donald TRUMP in 2017
There are twelve vehicles and they move according to the official visits of the American President in the USA and in the world.

Because of the armor, the interior is very small as can be seen here with US President Barack OBAMA and Indian Prime Minister Narendra MODI.

American presidential limousines and their escort cars in a C17 military Plane
During any trip to the United States or abroad, they are paired to circulate. They are transported by US Air Force C17 aircraft one to two days before the President's arrival, along with the other presidential escort vehicles.

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Occasionally, depending on current events and vehicle availability, the President of the United States may travel in an armored Chevrolet Suburban SUV, as seen here at a 2014 NATO summit in the southern United Kingdom.
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It should be noted that when traveling in cities, the two "CADILLAC ONE" have the same license plate, so as not to indicate the correct position of the CADILLAC in which the president of the USA is...

Inauguration of President John Fitzgerald KENNEDY on 20/01/196

Except on the day of the inauguration of an American President where it can take different plates like the Plate "1",

Second Inauguration of President Bill CLINTON on 20/01/1997

or the plate "USA 1",
 Parade in the streets of Washington on January 20, 2021
or the plate representing the election number, here in this case for President Joe BIDEN the number of 46th President of the USA.
You can find on the link below, the protocol for the "Presidential Inaugural Plates", the license plates installed especially on the day of the inauguration of the American Presidents:
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Vice President Mike PENCE's Cadillac at Indiana Motor Speedway in February 2018
In the same way, the limousines of the American Vice-President, during his trips, also carry these plates "800-002".

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 Cadillac of the French President during the G20 summit in November 2008
Also, during meetings or summits such as the G7 or G20 organized in the USA, this plate is placed on the official limousines when the representative of the country has the rank of president,
or here during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI, in Washington on April 15, 2008.
US presidential convoy with CAT cars
The CADILLAC ONE of the American President are escorted by many 4X4 on board which are members of the US SECRET SERVICE over-armed:
the "CAT" for "Counter Attack Team".
Its members can be seen in this video escorting the US President's Inauguration Day in January 2017.

Find out the story of how this unit came into being:

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The fact that the cars of American presidents are armored and heavily protected by an escort is a result of the assassination in Dallas in 1963 of President John F.KENNEDY, in the presidential limousine LINCOLN Continental 1961 - X100:

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Here are various CADILLAC ONE
Early 60's with President John F. KENNEDY with the LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1961 - X100

Late 60's, with President Lyndon B. JOHNSON with the same 1961 LINCOLN Continental - X100 of JFK, but improved with armor and bulletproof glass.

In the 70's, The LINCOLN Continental 1969

In the 80's, a CADILLAC Fleetwood limousine, here with Ronald REAGAN.

In the 90s, here with Bill CLINTON a CADILLAC Fleetwood Brougham

At the beginning of the 2000's, with the CADILLAC DeVille 2001.

Mid 2000's, a CADILLAC Deville Touring Sedan, here in the UK

In the 2010s, the 2009 CADILLAC Presidential Limousine, and here in Berlin, Germany.

Late 2010s "Cadillac One" - 2018, here in New York.
When the CADILLAC One travels in the USA, the flag to the left of the driver is the American President's coat of arms.

President Donald TRUMP's visit to London in 2019
It is changed when the President travels to another country, by the flag of the country visited.
Former US President Donald TRUMP's 2019 visit to London

It is changed when the President travels to another country, by the flag of the country visited. Here, during the visit of the American President Joe BIDEN, in June 2021, at the NATO headquarters, in Belgium,

or there, during the Russian-American summit in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 16, 2021

and here the arrival of the American President in St Peter's Square in Rome
in the Vatican on October 29, 2021. Note that this is not the Italian flag, but that of the Vatican, recognized as the smallest country in the world.

Here she is from the front that day....
Here, during President Biden's visit to Mexico in January 2023...
or here, in February 2023, in Poland.  

In August 2011, are introduced in the fleet of presidential vehicles "GROUND FORCE ONE". These are two coaches that allowed the American President at the time, Barack OBAMA, to campaign for the presidential election in 2012.

They are equipped with secure communications and other special equipment.
With a unit cost of 1.1 million dollars, the second was used by the Republican candidate, opponent of Barack OBAMA, Mitt ROMNEY. They are also used for dignitaries visiting the USA.

You can find all the American presidential limousines under this link:

as well as a topic on the funeral processions of the American Presidents

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Here's a competition between Russia and the Americans in the demonstration of power with their presidential limousines:
Here is the AURUS KORTEZH presented in May 2018:

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Here are some videos from the visit, in Hamburg in 2017,
of the American president, escorted by CAT vehicles.

Visit of Donald TRUMP during the G20 2017 in HAMBURG

Barack OBAMA's visit to LONDON in 2016

Barack OBAMA's visit to BERLIN in 2013
This model exists in 1/87 scale produced by the brand BOS MODELS
Scale: 1/87 Reference: 218689

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These pictures of this CADILLAC ONE
are taken from the episode of the Web Series
 "GSG9 1/87" below:


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