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The PSMP of the National Gendarmerie - English Version

The PSMP of the National Gendarmerie

 - English Version -

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Updatet: 23/01/2023
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Training on a boat of gendarmes of a PSMP
The "Pelotons de Sûreté Maritime et Portuaire" (PSMP), in English: Maritime and Port Security Squads, are elite units of the Gendarmerie, specialized in maritime interventions and in French harbor.

Training on a boat of gendarme of a PSMP
Born from an international agreement following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the missions of the "PSMP" are multiple:
protection against terrorist actions,

Boarding with a PSMP dog handler
the contraband,

Training on a boat of gendarmes of a PSMP
illegal immigration,

Pirate arrest by the US Navy
against piracy,

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Inspection in the boat
and malicious acts ...

  PSMP Patrol
The PSMP are qualified "ESPADON", qualification for the interventions at sea and on the quays like some PSIG of the Gendarmerie, which are qualified "SABRE".

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Indeed, the risk of terrorism is always present on the whole territory:
For years, this one has taken on different faces:

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Solutions have been found and these units have adapted to them:

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Patrol of PSMP
They are equipped with specific means to intervene rapidly in the ports where they are assigned and to protect
 where they are assigned and to protect maritime convoys transporting waste or nuclear fuel to avoid any attack on ships entering the ports.

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Boarding a boat
Their training allows them to have an important knowledge of interventions on different commercial ships, oil tankers, cruisers, or ferries.

These units come from the Gendarmerie because of their land and maritime competences, depending on the Maritime Prefect and the Prefect of the department to which they are attached.

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Boarding of PSMP and a Coastal Surveillance Brigade on a fishing boat in 2016 during the MAKO operation in Guyana against illegal fishing.
They can also support, thanks to their knowledge of maritime interventions, joint operations, as in 2016, in Guyana, against illegal fishing activities in French territorial waters.

Marine Commando during training on a ship.
On terrorist risk interventions, they are the first to arrive in the face of a threat. They can be supported by other police and gendarmerie forces, as well as by marine commando units specialized in maritime intervention:

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Supervision at the Port of Marseille
They can be found in different ports such as Marseille, Le Havre, Dunkirk, St Nazaire in 2018, and Calais in 2019, and intervene randomly in other ports.
Official handover of the Command of the GIGN on 02/10/2020 to General Ghislain Réty

This defense plan is part of this increase in military intervention forces with the reorganization of the GIGN New Generation, with 1,000 gendarmes, announced by the Director General of the Gendarmerie, Christian RODRIGUEZ, when the new General of the GIGN, Ghislain Réty, took command in October 2020. 

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Gendarmes of a PSMP in action...

MSRT members in progress during MSRT training in October 2015.
The Americans have units called MSRTs which are part of the US Coast Guard. They intervene on all the American marine and port areas.

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MSRT of US Coast Guard's
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French Marines patrolling a French naval base
French military bases, holding nuclear missiles, and nuclear powered ships, such as submarines and the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle, are also closely guarded, as here on this naval base with these marine fusiliers. They are classified as ZDHS for "Zone de Défense Hautement Stratégique".

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Other specialized units
of the National Gendarmerie:

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- GIGN -
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- PSPG -
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