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USA Police Armored Car and SWAT - English Version


 Why are the intervention units (Swat)
of the American Police are so militarized?

 - English Version -

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Updatet: 07/08/2022
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During the Ronald Reagan era in the 1980s, SWAT development expanded into American cities.

The time was right in the war on drugs against drug traffickers and dealers in the USA.

 Cooperation between the U.S. Army and the Police has begun to intervene in dismantling and arresting clandestine labs.

Loans as well as equipment coming from the military surplus have allowed the American police forces in many states to equip themselves...

  We can also note the flagrant increase of interventions of SWAT units in searches for drug cases: Indeed, in the 70's, an average of a hundred anti-drug operations were carried out per year, then a few thousand per year in the 80's, to over 50,000 per year in the 2000s.

Currently, more than 70% of their interventions are for drug investigations...

The "BYRNE program" in the late 1980s provided police departments in every state and city with funds to optimize SWAT security with better equipment, materials and training...

This will allow politicians to show their constituents where public funds go, as well as their efforts in the fight against drugs...

At the end of the 90's, the "1033 Program" of the PENTAGON will allow the sharing of military equipment of the American Army with the police, always with the idea of fighting against drugs...

as well as in services such as the FBI,

or the American Coast Guards.

A unique opportunity for Local Police Departments to buy equipment at very good prices. Indeed, if not purchased, the equipment offered at low prices is destroyed.

For example, MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle), these armored vehicles that have served in Afghanistan or Iraq, and whose new unit cost more than 500,000 dollars, are offered at 2,800 dollars... A bargain for small towns that dream of having their own SWAT unit...

Here the MRAP of the San Diego Unified School District, where very seriously the Captain of the Police in 2014 had indicated to the TV channel "NBC" that it would be used to deal with any hostile situation and get the children out....

However, routine maintenance of an MRAP is estimated at $10,000 to $12,000 per year.

After September 11, 2001, US Departement of HOMELAND Security, the new U.S. Homeland Security Service, will change the focus of the funds distributed from the war on drugs to the prevention of terrorism...

  In 2009, the "BYRNE" program is revitalized with more than $2 billion going to local cities and states to purchase custom response vehicles...

Police officers in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
Thoughts were made following the SWAT response to the FERGUSON riots in 2014 after the death of a young black adult.

Police officer in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
The deployment of force in front of the population was such that the riot control forces were more like military units in operation than law enforcement.

Police officers in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
The media present were also surprised by this show of force

Police officers in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
Police officers pointed their machine guns at demonstrators...

Police officers in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
Rubber bullets were fired by law enforcement.

Police officers in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
Scenes of looting began to be created on other places in FERGUSON than where the demonstration was, in one of the main streets of the city and the National Guard was deployed.

Police officers in ALTANTA during demonstration in 2014
Other cities, such as here in ATLANTA, have been affected by demonstrations, in support of those in FERGUSON, but with police outfits more suited to maintaining order.

Police officers in FERGUSON during riots in 2014
Was the response of these police forces deploying armed men, at the beginning of the demonstrations, over the top of a law enforcement intervention?

Police officers in FERGUSON after gunshots in march 2015
Anyway, in March 2015, rallies were celebrating the resignation of the police chief outside the Ferguson police station following the case. As the protesters dispersed, shots rang out hitting 2 police officers positioned at the entrance of the building, one in the shoulder and the other in the face.

The American media regularly reports on this dimension and this ambivalence in the means of the police.

But in the face of the terrorist risk that occurred again in 2016, in ORLANDO, FLORIDA, by the worst attack with firearms on the U.S. territory, leaving 49 dead and about 50 injured,

The 2 killers of the "Columbine high School" in the US, caught on a high school surveillance video
as well as by the number of mass killings, as well as in school places, carried out by individuals who can easily obtain automatic weapons, the police forces must always be equipped to be able to neutralize the author(s) of these crimes....

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  Between 2000 and 2014 in the United States, there were over 133 mass shootings.
Similarly, the homicide rate is one of the highest in the world.

  U.S. SWAT teams are not ready to give up armored vehicles
and assault rifles !!!!

Arrest of a suspect deemed dangerous in June 2014 in MONCTON in CANADA

Other countries such as France and Canada have also equipped their intervention forces with this type of weaponry and vehicles:


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