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MSD - Mobile Security Deployment - English Version

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- Mobile Security Deployment -

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The "Mobile Security Deployment" is a specialized unit of the American Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). Indeed, the United States, due to American decisions and positions, are particularly targeted by terrorism as well as by hostile movements of local populations who disagree with American policy.

MSD members in September 2015 at the United Nations General Assembly.
These members are special agents whose purpose is to protect American diplomats, both in the United States during diplomatic visits and abroad, particularly in high-risk areas.

Training at the MSD base in Virginia, USA
Protecting members of American embassies and consulates, they are present against the risk of kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

Training at the MSD base in Virginia, USA
Trained in armed response and evacuation of their protégés, they train regularly so that their actions become automatic.

Training of U.S. diplomatic personnel at the Virginia MSD base in 2013
Based in Virginia, USA, the MSD has 3 types of teams:
- The Mobile Training Team (MTT). They conduct training for local forces and employees of U.S. embassies and consulates, as well as U.S. Marine Corps Security Guards (MSGs). It also selects overseas personnel to work in consulates and embassies.

Training at the MSD base in Virginia, USA
  - The Security Support Team (SST). They are trained in counter-attacks on American embassies or threats against diplomatic personnel. They are mobilized in response to international crises or short-term threats to embassies or consulates. Again, to protect diplomatic personnel and even exfiltrate them if necessary.

Members of the MSD on June 18, 2005 during the visit of the American Secretary of State
 Condoleezza Rice to Ramallah in Palestine
- Tactical Support Team (TST). They were created in the 90's and are a heavily armed reaction force in support of the protection services already in place to protect VIPs, such as the American Secretary of State. They directly protect these people during diplomatic convoys.

Training at the MSD base in Virginia, USA
The training of the personnel is done in a base where are reproduced buildings of embassies, places of meetings such as village or places of worship to stick as close as possible to the reality.

Here is a video showing these exercises

Training at the MSD base in Virginia, USA
Deployed in all risk zones such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq but also in so-called crisis zones such as Mexico or Haiti.

Exercise of members of the German PSA BPOL
Other countries have also developed this type of unit to protect their diplomats, such as the Germans with the "Polizeiliche Schutaufgaben Ausland" (PFA BPOL)

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Exfiltration Training of the GIGN FSP members
France has this type of unit within the GIGN. This one is called the "GIGN FSP" and is also sent in this type of difficult areas.

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Exercise "Black Griffin" in October 2015 in Germany of different western 
services of "Close Protection Team"
The American MSD also trains with this type of unit as in October 2015 in Germany with the "Spezialeinheit BSB der niederländischen" of the Koninklijke Marechaussee for the Netherlands, the "österreichischen EKO Cobra" for Austria and the "Polizeiliche Schutaufgaben Ausland" for Germany.

Here is a video of the American MSD in training

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