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Imminent Attack Alert - English Version


Imminent Attack Alert

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Updatet: 04/12/2023
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Belgium, Germany, England, Italy and France have prepared themselves for the risk of major attacks on their territory.
For years, this one has taken on different faces:

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Here is how each of these countries has prepared for this type of eventuality during an imminent risk:

Brussels - End November 2015
Following the attacks in France on November 13, 2015 in Paris, Belgium had raised its maximum alert level for 3 days, namely level 4, on an imminent risk of attack on Brussels.
The rest of the country remains at level 3. Belgium has this alert scale managed by the OCAM, (Organ of Coordination and Threat Analysis).

Brussels - End november 2015
For this reason, it banned trains, subways and buses, closed schools, colleges, high schools and universities. Religious celebrations, sports events and festivities were also not held.

Brussels - End november 2015
  Units of the Belgian Army and the Belgian Police have been deployed on strategic points of the Belgian capital.

Brussels - End november 2015
Also the Police, together with the Army, patrolled the city.

Brussels - End november 2015
The anxiety of the population was palpable because, day after day, this level of alert was renewed.

Brussels - End november 2015
Likewise, tourist and commercial activities were in free fall due to the lack of people on the streets, following Belgian governmental recommendations, or due to fears of going out.

Brussels - End november 2015
Brussels becoming practically a dead city...

Brussels - End november 2015
The Belgian Police continued to investigate, however, and made arrests in several areas of Brussels.

It had sent a tweet to the population, indicating the measures to be followed, as well as through the Press, the Radios, the TV channels, the social networks
and governmental websites.

Video of the government explaining the triggering of Level 4
The government regularly explained in press releases what it was doing and why it was doing it.
Subsequently, it lowered its alert scale to level 3.
Patrol in the streets of Brussels
 Since then, Belgium has set up the "Vigilant Guardian" Operation.

Deployment of Belgian soldiers in the Belgian capital
Since 2019, the Belgian authorities have changed the device from a permanent presence to a passive watch system with the same process as the United Kingdom, to deploy the Army shortly after a terrorist attack for several days...

Pedestrian search to support Belgian police
However, depending on the current situation, it secures certain places such as tourist areas

Surveillance in a Belgian airport
as well as airports.

Surveillance of the entrance of a Belgian official building
government institutions,

Guard post in front of the European Parliament in Brussels
and European Institution.

Members of the SEK Bayern Munich on 22/07/16
On July 22, 2016, a shooting broke out in one of MUNICH's largest shopping malls, resulting in nine deaths and thirty-five injuries.

Deployment of police in Munich on 22/07/16
Not knowing if it was a terrorist attack, the German authorities dispatched numerous police forces and triggered Imminent Attack Alert actions:

Police officers holding an entrance to the Munich subway on 7/22/16
Public transport stopped, with closure of the metro, train stations, bus, train and streetcar lines,

Police officers securing a place of passage in Munich on 7/22/16
Police deployed in numbers on different strategic points,

Bundespolizei armored car patrolling the streets of Munich - 07/22/16
Dispatch of armor in the first hours of the attack and message to the population to stay at home until the alert is lifted.

Evacuation of civilians protected by police in Munich on 22/07/16
She evacuated people from the mall where the shooting started.

Members of the SEK Bayern deployed in Munich - 22/07/16
The search has begun to find the suspect or suspects...

Bundespolizei armored car patrolling Munich - 07/22/16
Patrols continued in different parts of the city, late in the night.

Police officers in observation position in Munich on 22/07/16
It was in fact a teenager who had set up his victims on Facebook and then shot them at random. He killed himself. This type of killing spree is known as AMOK
Police and military woman during the GETEX from 07 to 09/03/2017
In 2017, Germany will set up a mechanism to rapidly deploy German military personnel on the territory to support German police forces:
  Training of German police officers during an AMOK drill
Training courses are held in Germany as well as in other countries such as the one in the USA.


Video on a AMOK training of the Belgian Police

Germany also implemented a civil defense plan in August 2016, requiring its population to stockpile food, two liters of water per person over a five-day period, and a food supply to sustain itself for ten days.
The plan also includes contingency plans in case of water or electricity supply interruptions, a series of security measures in case of chemical, atomic or biological crisis, or cyber attacks...

Swedish soldiers during a defense training
Similarly, Sweden distributed a twenty-page handbook to 4.8 million households (out of 10 million Swedes) in June 2018, detailing what to do in the event of a conflict, major attack on the territory or natural disaster.

Police officer patrolling with soldiers in the streets of London on 24/05/17
The UK has a military alert mobilization called Operation TEMPERER and was implemented in 2015, shortly after the attacks in France.

A police and military officer patrolling outside Westminster and Big Ben in London on 05/24/2017
It consists of deploying British military personnel to cities in the United Kingdom. The British services have developed this tactic in case of multiple attacks in the UK. The "Critical" level systematically triggers the deployment of the military...

Figures of European jihadists who left to join DAESH/ISIS in 2015
Indeed, the risk of British returnees (British men and women who have left to fight alongside DAESH/ISIS in Syria and Iraq and who have returned to British soil) is high. The risk that they will continue the ideological struggle in their place of birth is very likely.

Soldiers leaving a British Ministry of Defense building in London on 5/24/17
More than 3,500 British soldiers can therefore be deployed very quickly throughout the whole of England, as part of Operation TEMPERER, at strategic points such as stations, airports and sensitive sites. The soldiers are under the control of the English Police.

Two Métropolitan London Police officers
The mobilization of armed military personnel to support the police is also explained by the fact that approximately 7% of English police officers are armed.


Armed British policeman, patrolling with a British soldier, in London on 24/05/17
The British are not used to seeing armed patrols in their cities.

Police and military officers patrolling a London street on 5/24/2017
This operation is temporary. For example, during the four days following the Manchester bombing, the British military supported the police throughout Her Gracious Majesty's territory, as above in the streets of London, before returning to their units.

Military entering the English parliament in London on 24/05/2017
Since 2014, the United Kingdom has adopted a level called "state of emergency", but has not yet applied it on its territory. It considers for the moment that the type of operation "TEMPERER" is sufficient to show its rapid response and reassure its population.

Videos of this operation:

- ITALY - 
Italy, on the other hand, has created the Operazione "Strade Sicure" (which translates into "Secure Roads") to protect the entire Italian territory.

Two Italian soldiers in a street in Rome
This operation was conceived in 2008. The Italian government of the time, deemed it necessary to call in the army to support the Italian Police and the Italian Carabinieri, to cover all of Italy in the face of a terrorist risk.

Soldier guarding a tourist site
At the time of their creation in 2008, the Italian Police unions criticized this operation, since these soldiers are heavily armed to patrol the streets of Italian cities.

Two Italian soldiers on patrol in the streets of Rome
Italy has extended this operation several times. There had been talk of lightening the operation, but many Italian mayors are asking for this presence to reassure their fellow citizens.

Italian soldiers with police officers at the Ventimiglia border between France and Italy
These soldiers are also called upon to deal with migrants or during earthquake-type disasters. The Italian soldiers intervene quickly according to the requests of the prefects of the Italian provinces.

Two Italian soldiers on patrol
  They are deployed in urban areas all over Italy and patrol tourist in tourist areas,

Italian soldier on guard
as the Museums,

Soldiers in front of the Colosseum in Rome
Italian symbolic places,

Two Italian soldiers on guard
business centers,

Two Italian soldiers in front of a subway entrance
subway stations,

Three Italian soldiers in Garibaldi square in Naples
official buildings

Two Italian soldiers in front of the station in Naples
and railway stations.

Italian soldier in an Italian square
In order to carry out their roles on the public highway, they have the status of "Agente di pubblica sicurezza"

Here are 2 videos of their activities in Italy:

Italian Carabinieri and Police in front of the Vatican in Rome
  The Italian Police and the Italian Carabinieri have also set up intervention units, in case of attacks, to intervene quickly in all the Italian cities:

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France added, on December 01, 2016, to its VIGIPIRATE plan scale, this level which is called "Urgence Attentat".
This level of alert is similar to the state of siege which is the level above to the state of emergency...
You can find the French Alert levels on the link below:

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The President of the French Republic, E.MACRON, during a visit to Mali
to the French military forces - 19/05/2017

In addition, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel MACRON, has set up an "anti-terrorist task force": the National Counter-Terrorism Center (CNCT). This is a permanent counter-terrorism staff of about fifty people, directly attached to the Head of State and involving the Ministries of the Interior, Transport, Defense and Health. It provides recommendations to be implemented in less than half an hour to act immediately, throughout France, in the face of an imminent threat.
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  France also has a system called "Etat de Siège" (Level of Siege).
It can only be implemented on a part of the territory, after deliberation of the Council of Ministers and with a presidential signature when there is an imminent danger due to an armed insurrection or war on its territory. During a level of siege, there is a transfer of powers from the civil authorities to the military authorities.

 The extension of a state of siege beyond 12 days is subject to parliamentary authorization.
This level of Siege has never yet taken place.

However, France has prepared military Special Forces of the COS to intervene in case of shootings in cities as linked below:


Anti-ramming barrier device in a Belgian city street
To complete the protection of populations, many cities have equipped themselves to face the terrorist risk on the public way.

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To a greater extent and in another context, SWITZERLAND, in September 2012, had carried out exercises in a real situation, with military maneuvers, with closure of Swiss borders, transport, stations and airports,
in view of a European social chaos.
The code name of this operation was "STABILO DUE"

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