lundi 1 juin 2015

GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 2 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 - 2nd episode – Gas station

2 nd part: Negotiation


Ben Capiscol  : "Reaction inside ??? "

Observer: "No ... Nothing ..."

Ben Capiscol  "OK. To all. position ??? "

Sniper  : "Here Sniper 1, No movement in the snack"

Congratulations Team  : "This is Bravo. In position on the right flank. No movement "

Alpha Team  "Here Alpha, Left side, we see the hostage-taker"

Alpha Team  "He constantly moving to the hostages. We see 9 hostages before the window .... "


Ben Capiscol  : "STOP !!! "

Alpha Team: "Roger Kommandeur !!! "

Klaus CRISTIANO  "Here Charlie, We start the progression ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Here Kommandeur. Be careful !!! "

CRISTIANO Klaus  : "OK. We are 10 meters from the car "

CRISTIANO Klaus  : "The robber has died at the wheel. "

Ben Capiscol  "OK. Clear !!! I will contact by the speaker hostage taker "

Ben Capiscol by loudspeaker : "HERE THE POLICE. Pick up the phone so we can know what you want !!! "

Kurt Schneider, the hostage taker  : "Hello ... Listen to me carefully ... .. I want you did set me a car right outside !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Okay ... If you release 5 hostages, I am immediately !!! "

Kurt Schneider : "OK, I'll let the owner of the blue mini is before going out with his car keys. Lay it immediately outside the front door. At the slightest entourloupe I stumble hostages !!! "

Hostages  : "DO NOT SHOOT !!! "


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