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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 3 - Part 3

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit -episode 3- The trooper

Part 3

Mobility Exhibition, Bonn, 10:43

Peter : "This is Bravo. 2 persons A corridor are all 2 Delta Charlie Delta "

Ben Capiscol  : "Roger ... Alpha and Bravo, continue the progress. The objective has not moved from its position. Continue to search the buses one by one !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Well you are monitoring. As soon as he moves, you point me "

Operator  : "Well sir ..."

Policeman GSG9  "commandant, a military wants to meet you ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Hello, commander Capiscol, to which I honor? "

Lieutenant Colonel Ulrich Gartner  , "Lieutenant Colonel Ulrich Gartner. I think that man is here is one of my men .... " 

Ben Capiscol  "Look at that camera. Is it ??? "

Lieutenant Colonel Ulrich Gartner  : "Indeed, it's him, the soldier 1 st class Josef SEIBICK. We are practicing a few kilometers from here. This soldier was followed for post-traumatic stress disorder. We were there still has one month in Mazar-i-Sharif. He had to fall back and thinks in battle ... "


CRISTIANO Klaus  : "We have to find a living man and a woman who were hiding in a bus. "

Ben Capiscol  : "Praise. Bring them out !!! A The other units, position !!! "

Peter  : "This is Bravo. We are in the Mercedes stand. We just find a body "

Ben Capiscol  "Stop your progress !!! "

Peter : "Roger ..."

Ben Capiscol  "What can you tell me about this soldier? "

Lieutenant Colonel Ulrich Gartner  : "One of the best sniper of our unity. I'm worried and I do not understand the gesture of shooting at civilians, but the consequences of PTSD can cause madness ... "

Operator  : "SIR .. I just lost the gunman !!!! "

Ben Capiscol  : "WHAT !!! All units, STOP YOU !!! "

Ben Capiscol  "Seek it !!! Change corner and ... "
Haaaaaaaaa !!!

Ben Capiscol  : "In relation !!! "

Peter : "I Aldebert has just been hit in the foot ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Evacuate !!! "


Ben Capiscol  : "All units, defensive position !!! "

Ben Capiscol  : "We must find him and soon !!!! "


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