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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 5 - part 1

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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 5 - Rabbit Angels Band

The GSG 9 for Grenzchutzgruppe 9 is a response unit of the German police in charge of operations against terrorism, hostage-taking, negotiation, bank robberies, in support of the federal or local police. 
Here are their actions

1 st part: Briefing

Bonn, GSG9 Base, 9:45

Ben Capiscol  "Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the captain Tenroc, the GIGN, the Groupement of the French Gendarmerie Intervention Nationale who came to us for a few months to see how we work. I count on you to bring her excellent cooperation of our know-how ... "

Ben Capiscol  : "If not, return to our mission for the day: We will embark in an hour to go to Hamburg arrest the head of a criminal organization: Rabbit Angels. This organization specializes in racketeering, kidnapping, drugs and prostitution will tonight hold a secret meeting ... "

Ben Capiscol  "Not so secret than that because we will be there to arrest their leader who was convicted and must serve his sentence ... but was not present for over 3 months ... We'll have more details just Go now ... get ready to embark !! "

Captain Tenroc the French GIGN "Going immediately to Hamburg? "

Ben Capiscol  "Yes. My men are preparing their weapons and equipment they will need for this mission ... "

Capiscol Ben  : "You arrive in good time. We will go on Hamburg chopper. We will use police vehicles there ... "

Captain Tenroc the French GIGN : "Indeed, it starts strong ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "A helicopter just left. We'll take this one ... "

Ben Capiscol  : "Once my men have completed their material to board, we leave ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "It left for Hamburg ..."

Hamburg Heliport, 11:41

Ben Capiscol  "Our welcoming committee arrived ..."

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  "Hello Commandeur Capiscol I am the Police director  Karoline ZIMMERMANN

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "We have put cars available for your men. We will leave immediately to HQ in Hamburg. "

Ben Capiscol  "Perfect ..."

Underground parking of 4:05 p.m. Central Police

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "Gentlemen, I am the Police director  Karoline ZIMMERMANN, and I take care of this motorcycle gang known as Rabbit Angels for 5 years. "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "We know that tonight around 22:00 will be held here in this motorcycle garage, a meeting between the German leaders of that band. During this meeting we will intervene to stop more of them ... "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  : "The main target being the German leader Jacknap. This man is extremely dangerous ... Your section chiefs will give you your instructions. The GSG9 will look to invest places and stop Jacknap ... Questions? No. A section leaders you !!! "

Karoline ZIMMERMANN  , "Well, commandeur, I rely a lot on your men to stop living ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "It will be done Miss Zimmermann ..."

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