mercredi 3 juin 2015

GSG9 Special unit - Episode 3 - Part 1

Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit -episode 3- The trooper

1 st  part

Mobility Exhibition, Bonn, 9:20

Lou 44  : "Here Lou 44 live in Bonn, in the lounge of Mobility, where we will discover the new passenger transport ..."

Lou 44  : "Every two years, this event is held to present the major innovations in mobility"

Lou 44  : "On this show, we see the major brands, most of which are German ..."

Lou 44  : "Big brands like Setra ..."

Lou 44  : "... or MAN. "

Lou 44  "or NEOPLAN are present. "

Lou 44   : "You can see in this type of living advanced manufacturers of innovative solutions such as electric vehicles"


Lou 44  "or as here the Mercedes CITARO Fuel Cell Bus, with the principle of fuel cell"

Lou 44  : "But what ... ??? "

Someone in the crowd  : "FLEE !!! A man shoots anything that moves ... "

Bonn, Base GSG9, 9:56

Ben Capiscol  : "Wow .... 15 km in 1:00, right pace ... "

Helma SCHEFER  "Yes a good shower and ready for any intervention ..."

Beep beep beep
Ben Capiscol  "Ha, an emergency call. I will go immediately to the command center .. "

Ben Capiscol  "Yes, that happens? "

Policeman  : "You have to go urgently at the Bonn Exhibition Centre !!! A man shoots into the crowd ... Teams SEC Bonn have already arrived on site ... "

Mobility Exhibition, Bonn, 10:10

Lou 44  : "Here Lou 44 live Kanal 44, here 20 minutes, gunshots from automatic weapons were heard in the exhibition center ...."

Lou 44  : "The police surrounded all entrances to the center, and several wounded were evacuated ... You now see behind me the reinforcements arrived ..."

Ben Capiscol  : "Hello, I am the Commander of Capiscol GSG9. Who's in Charge Here? "

FISCHER Steffen  : "It's me for now. I am the Hauptkommissar FISCHER Steffen of SEK Bonn. All entries are blocked and we were waiting to move forward "

Ben Capiscol  "All right there and he has cameras inside the exhibition center? "

Alexander Karlmann  "Yes. I Karlmann Alexander, director of the exhibition center. You can go to the center ... PC security. "

Policeman  : "A team of SEK back ..."


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