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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 4 - Part 2

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit - 4th episode - Streetcar

Part 2: Investigation

Köln (Cologne), 10:20

Man in gray  : "So where are we? "

Inspector green suit  : "No wounded KRIEGER Commissioner. The two conveyors are rather shocked. One of them heard the name of Ali and the robbers had Arab accents ... "

Hans KRIEGER  : "And this van was carrying what? "

Inspector green suit  : "Some users tickets to depart for destruction. There were only 2 bags in the bank on the corner. For work, everything is false: witnesses said the vehicles arrived this morning around 6:30 ... »»

White coat investigator  : "We have very few elements. They were all wearing hoods and gloves. What we know is that the first apparatus has blocked the doors with the arm and bucket of the bulldozer and the other opened like a box ... "

Hans KRIEGER  : "Good pending, go to the central file the first elements of the investigation. Maybe we'll have a profile ... "

GSG9 Headquarters, Bonn, 10:50

Ben Capiscol  "You wanted to see me? "

Supervisor  : "Yes. A robbery took place in Cologne this morning and procedures correspond to your customers that you follow ... "

Supervisor  : "Robbery of the van with construction vehicles, all hooded and heavily armed Arab accents and one has been called Ali ..."

Ben Capiscol  "ALI !!! Indeed. Notify the investigators who are following this record that we reach Köln today !!! "

Köln, Central Office, 1:52 p.m.

Ben Capiscol  "Hi I'm the Commander of GSG9 and you conduct a survey this morning which could interest us ..."

Hans KRIEGER  : "Hello. I am Hans KRIEGER, and I'm in charge of this investigation. For weeks 3 vans attacks occur with gear from BTP, but this is the first time that witnesses have told us about the robbers accents and first name of Ali. "

Ben Capiscol  "That's why we're here. There was a year of rampant Franfurt, robbers who operated in the same way. We have stopped. It turned out that it was a terrorist cell that we dismantled. But their leader Ali THRUC and his right arm Al BAGHDADA escaped us. "

Ben Capiscol  : "They seem to have started here ... They flew to how many euros? "

Hans KRIEGER  : "With this morning that it has been 5 million ....

Ben Capiscol  "Updates from the bulldozers they used? "

Hans KRIEGER  : "They were stolen this morning around 5:30 am in a business suburb Köln e. I planned to go there to investigate. "

Capiscol Ben  : "Well I accompany you ..."


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