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GSG9 Special Unit - Episode 4 - Part 3

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Any resemblance to persons 
 or real situations or dead  
is purely coincidental

GSG9 Special Unit - 4th episode - Streetcar

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Part 3: Markings


Central Police Köln, 2:20 p.m.

Ben Capiscol  : "The company that we will see is far from here? "

Hans KRIEGER  : "No less than 20 minutes. Hopefully we will find a track ... "

20 minutes later
Hans KRIEGER  : "This is the company in question"

Hans KRIEGER  : "Hello, Criminal police, we are investigating the theft of your vehicle this morning. Can you tell us more? "

GURGER Paul  : "We rent these vehicles to companies that perform public works. C morning we found the door broken and the keys of two bulldozers and two trucks were taken to make ... "

Ben Capiscol  : "We had to work here to know where the key was stored? "

GURGER Paul  : "Not necessarily. A customer will be able to see where we rangions them. "

Hans KRIEGER  : "Give us anyway list your employees in recent months, and the interim !!! "

Hans KRIEGER  : "You think that one of the employees is involved in this terrorist organization? "

Ben Capiscol  "No, it's not technical ..."

Ben Capiscol  "Okay back to your office, maybe ... But it is the .... "

Ben Capiscol  "Ali THRUC !!! "

Hans KRIEGER  : "What does it here ??? "

Ben Capiscol  "Look he enters the building .... "

Ben Capiscol  'Park you !!! "

Hans KRIEGER  : "It must be their lair ... And for the gear, they observed them going and going, even spot the night the company BTP rentals ..."

Capiscol Ben  : "Yes, and there are several cars in the yard. We must call our teams to respond quickly and hide !!! "

20 minutes later at a nearby business, 3:01 p.m.

Ben Capiscol  "Gentlemen, we identify places where wanted terrorists are. They are also probably the robbers this morning. This means that they are extremely dangerous. "

Hans KRIEGER  : "Currently, a van parked in the street to watch. We do not know how many they are, but turning this morning indicates that they have automatic weapons according to the testimonies of passers and conveyors ... "

Ben Capiscol  "The Criminal police obtained the cadastral plans by the services of the city. Alpha will return you through the main entrance. Bravo, you go back through the front door of the warehouse and Charlie through the roof by climbing the ladder located along the building ... "

Ben Capiscol  : "The police cars block the street in case they would force the passage ... Questions ??? No? Then in place. It takes action in 10 minutes !!! "

Man in white van  "Here Casimir, a man just out of the building with a suitcase. "

Ben Capiscol  "It's Casimir received. Delta, follow him discreetly. This is surely an accomplice who leaves with his share ... "


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