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Belgian Riot control forces - English Version


The Belgian Riot Control Forces
- English Version -

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Law enforcement in Belgium, over the years, has evolved.

Previously, it was the Belgium Royal Gendarmerie that intervened.

As here during strikes in 1960.

as well as the Royal mounted Gendarmerie.

In the 60's, "water cannon" trucks, also called "watering machines", were used to push back the crowd.

One can see on this photo from the 70's, that the gendarmes still had guns to repel demonstrators.

They can still be seen here in the early 1980s.

Nowadays, the negotiated management of the public space (new terminology that replaces MROP: Maintien et Rétablissement de l'Ordre Public) is an important part of the work of the Belgian police.

Whether it is recreational, sports, cultural or protest events, the supervision and accompaniment in the preparation and implementation of these events is essential for the authorities.

Before the reform of the Belgian police in 1998, the approach to public order in general was confused between the Local Police and the Royal Gendarmerie. The philosophical references, the languages (2 languages in Belgium: French and Flemish), the methods, the means and the training, everything was different.

The reform allowed the creation of 2 levels: the Federal Police (which acts on a national level) and the Local Police (divided in 192 police zones) allowed to harmonize these practices in the management of public order.

Members of the Local Police can intervene in the restoration of order in their locality.

They are supported by the CIK (Corps d'Intervention de la Police Fédérale), a National Intervention Reserve Corps, which represents over 550 members. They are full-fledged police officers who can support Federal or Local Units in their daily missions.

The DAS (Belgian Public Security Directorate) is in charge of providing support missions to maintain public order. It consists of more than 300 members.

These 2 bodies represent the former Federal Reserve.

The members train in all weather conditions...

As you can see on previous pictures, the use of "water cannon" trucks, for the maintenance of the order, is still done.

In the 60's - 70's - 80's, with these MAGIRUS trucks.

Then with 18 "watering machines" of the mark MOL arrived in 1989.

They were replaced in 2003, by ZIEGLER models, 12 vehicles.

More information on these anti-aggression vehicles on the link to follow:

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The Mounted Police also intervenes but as a last resort.

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Helicopters are also deployed over the demonstrations to monitor
and direct ground units.

Maintenance and Restoration of Public Order (MROP) is the old terminology of breaking up an unauthorized demonstration.

Now the terms are "Management and Negotiation" to avoid, as much as possible, clashes and injuries, and to channel the demonstrators.

where we can see its maintenance of its positions
despite the provocations of the farmers demonstrators here in 2015.

or as here with the Belgian firemen in 2013.

Despite the use of foam by the firemen....

On this video, we see a part of the demonstration of 2013

However, it also adopts means of interpellation by police personnel in plain clothes

As well as the interpellation of some violent rioters ....

However, the increasingly violent acts of aggression pose a real reflection as you can discover on the link below:   

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- The action of masked gangs in demonstrations -
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Waiting position of people arrested by the Belgian police in a street in Brussels on 08/12/18
In 2018, we can note that the Belgian Police decided to react also on the same principle of preventive arrests, with a similar movement as in France with "Yellow vests", but with less demonstrators and riots.

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Belgian police vans turned over in a street in Brussels on 01/12/18
It had faced in the morning of 01 December 2018 has clashes in the streets of Brussels of lesser intensity.

Preventive searches in a street of Brussels on 08/12/18
Following the reaction of arrests of groups, this allowed to channel the demonstrators of the violent rioters. More than 1,000 demonstrators had been assessed by the Belgian Forces of order who proceeded to 400 interpellations.

Belgian riot police facing Belgian yellow vests in Brussels - 08/12/18
10 people were prosecuted out of these 400 people stopped.....
  Belgian police officers facing Black Lives Matter protesters in Brussels on 07/06/2020
To illustrate the recent techniques of the Belgian Forces of order restoration, one can see here the graduations: With first visible police officers with chasuble and without protective helmet, few in number at the closest, letting the protesters express themselves.

Stewards calming Black Lives Matter protesters in Brussels on 07/06/2020
The organizers of this demonstration had foreseen stewards (people serving as a buffer between police and demonstrators to avoid overflow) who tried to calm the crowd.
Belgian riot police facing Black Lives Matter protesters in Brussels on 07/06/2020
After several projectiles were thrown, the police officers equipped themselves in law enforcement gear.

Belgian riot police face Black Lives Matter protesters in Brussels on 07/06/2020
During this demonstration, orders were instead to remain in a static position.
Belgian riot police advancing through the streets of Brussels during a Black Lives Matter demonstration on 07/06/2020
Then in the face of growing outbursts, order was restored.
As you will see in the video below, explanations were given explaining the difficulty of Maintaining order.


Here are some other videos of violent demonstrations
 in Belgium, these last years...

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