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The MAN WP 1800 - English Version


The MAN WP  1800
  - English Version -

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The South African company "TFM", in collaboration with Defensepak, offers a new generation riot truck, the MAN WP 1800.

This vehicle which can embark 10 people + a captain and a driver is designed to move in tense areas.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has ordered several of them.

The WP1800 is based on a commercial MAN chassis with a Mercedes engine. It can be equipped with crowd control equipment that includes a grenade launcher and an acoustic device provided.

Here is one coming out of the factory of "TFM". Also, its windows are armored because many firearms are circulating in South Africa.

Its front end allows it to break an improvised barricade.

Also, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has ordered 4 of them.

The Storm long-range acoustic device integrates a color/thermal image and a laser, as well as riot sound to disorient protesters. In addition, pre-recorded audio messages can be played.

Several doors allow the members on board to exit in full protection.

The purpose of this vehicle is to replace the Nyala RG 12, numerous among the South African riot police.

This vehicle, which also has armored windows, is currently used in difficult neighborhoods.

Most of these vehicles are more than 15 years old, and the need to change them will arise in the years to come.

It still allows to patrol,

and to intervene according to the current events...

Other countries are equipped with this type of vehicle like the Italian Carabinieri.

Les forces anti-émeute italiennes

The South African company "TFM" was created in 1966. It is the manufacturer of the armored personnel carrier "Casspir".

This vehicle was built in many configurations and is still in service by countries operating under the banner of the UN and the African Union (AU)

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