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Urban violence in the world - English Version


Urban violence in the World

- English Version -

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Western countries are experiencing a rise in urban violence on the rise:

May 2013 - Stockholm
Facts, such as during the Stockholm riots in May 2013, show similarities with France, in the relationship between the police and its districts known as "sensitive":
In 2013, the Swedish riots are triggered following the death of a 69-year-old man killed by the Police while brandishing a machete.

May 2013 - Stockholm
The riots spread to the poor suburbs where many immigrants live. Social exclusion is pointed out.

May 2013 - Stockholm
As can be read in this French article > by clicking here < the population of foreign origin has little access to the Swedish World of work: The unemployment rate at the time affects this population of 16%, when that of the Swedish is 6% according to the OECD figures. 

May 2013 - Stockholm
Excerpts from this article:
- Foreigners or descendants of foreigners are however very present in small businesses (restaurants, dry cleaners, cabs, newsstands ...). (...) However, they remain underrepresented in SMEs where employers give priority to Swedes without saying so.  -

You can also find an French Article of May 24, 2013 
tdealing with this subject 

London riots - 2011
Similar case also in a country yet reputed to be full employment as England, which also has violent riots, there too in poor neighborhoods, as for example in Tottenham, in 2011, where riots begin following the death of a young man of 29 years suspected of belonging to a gang and killed during a police operation.

London riots - 2011
In this area, where the unemployment rate at the time was 22% while elsewhere in England it was around 6%, the youth of these neighborhoods are left on the margins of society.

London riots - 2011
They have spread to many other disadvantaged areas of London and other cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol.

Videos during these riots:

July 2015 - Netherlands
In the Netherlands, in July 2015, four nights of riots took place in The Hague after the death of a Caribbean man during his arrest.

July 2015 - The Netherlands
Here too, demonstrators and young people from the neighborhoods will point to police violence and some will use violence to express themselves...

2008 - Greece
Similarly in Greece, in December 2008, the outbreak of many days of riots took place following the death of a 15 year old teenager killed by the police.

Extract of the video of the aggression of Rodney KING by several policemen
We can also speak about urban violence in the USA, full of various facts, of which one of the most outstanding was the beating of Rodney KING in 1991 which was filmed in LOS ANGELES. In April 1992, a jury acquitted the 4 police officers involved in the video. The riots lasted 6 days with 53 dead, thousands of injured and damages estimated at one billion dollars.

2014 - Ferguson
Or more recently, in 2014 in FERGUSON, in the state of MISSOURI, following the shooting of a white policeman on a young black man, Michael BROWN, riots broke out in this city with an over-armed police intervention...

2014 - Ferguson
There too, where these riots break out, the social context, between black and white population, is also omnipresent with the increase of penalization and police control.

2014 - Ferguson 
As can be seen in these situations, these are countries that have not been able to manage the integration of populations from either former colonies like England or France, or from refugees like Sweden, or from the country's history of segregation like in the USA.

2014 - Ferguson
The resentments are deep and the relations with the police and politicians are tense. The associations try to calm the situations but remind that justice must be done. Most of the populations concerned feel disadvantaged and humiliated by the institutions.

Local Police - Italy
In other countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain, apart from the Spanish Basque country where urban violence is the work of young radical independentists, the relationship with urban violence is less present.

Spanish Police
The local police do intelligence work in the field and are similar to community policing.

Hamburg police equipped with pedestrian videos
Equipments like pedestrian cameras can also change the behavior and the relationship of both the police and the people being checked.

English police officers
The English police has, for many years, members whose dress is appropriate to the religion of the police officer, as here with this man of SHIK faith or this woman of Muslim faith with her Hijab and this in the optics of a better image of the Proximity Police.

A 2011 study by the WHO (World Health Organization) presented indications on juvenile violence
Here are some excerpts:

"There are strong links between youth violence and other forms of violence. Violent youth frequently commit a range of offenses and manifest other social and psychological problems."

"Individual Factors" 
The major personality and behavioral factors that can be associated with youth violence are:

- hyperactivity - impulsivity - poor self-control - attention problems - history of aggressive behavior - low education. - Family and peer influence

"Social, political and cultural factors."
Gangs are a powerful force behind youth violence.

Weak social ties in the community are also associated with an increased incidence of youth violence.

The country's administration, its legislation and enforcement, and its social policy have a significant effect on violence.

Factors such as income inequality, rapidly changing demographics in youth populations, and urbanization have been linked to the development of youth violence.

Cultures that do not offer nonviolent solutions to resolve conflict appear to experience a higher incidence of youth violence.

Bobigny - France - February 11, 2017
But France does not escape these urban violence. The outbreak of these can occur on any occasion: a fatal accident with the police, an arrest, an identity check, the death of a person, etc.

You can discover, > by clicking here <, a related analysis on the French riots of 2005 on "The rise of violence among young people and the phenomenon of urban violence in the suburbs", with a conclusion pointing the finger at the feeling of social exclusion but also the role of the media in these violences which are always current.

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