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The Tactic of de-escalation - English Version

The tactic of de-escalation

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German police officer in charge of communication
In Germany, the law enforcement doctrine is that of "de-escalation" (in German: Deeskalation). It aims at minimizing collateral, unnecessary or dangerous violence, and permanent dialogue with the crowd.

Benno OHNESORG, shortly after being shot by an undercover policeman
In June 1967, a demonstrator, Benno OHNESORG, was shot by an undercover policeman. The event triggered a whole generation of violent activists.

You will find in this article of the Spiegel in English version
"the shot that changed Germany".
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Demonstration in West Germany End of the 60s
A part of the youth became radicalized. It is from this date that Germany will have a reflection on the maintenance of order:

German police Forces
Important and dissuasive presence of the forces of order,

German police officers
Search before the demonstrations,

Demonstration in Germany
Framing of the processions.

Demonstration in Rostock in Germany in 2007 against the G8
This allows the demonstrators to express themselves but not to be in contact with the surrounding population and the procession is directed and does not go anywhere.

German police officers
Preventive arrests are made on small groups for those who break the law.

German police officers
The forces of order are armed with simple truncheons,

Demonstration in Germany
of tear gas,

German water cannons
and water cannons. They don't have bullet launchers as used in France or Italy.
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Liaison Officer in England
We find variations of the de-escalation tactic in several European countries: the "liaison officers" in England, the "Event Police" in Denmark,

SPT police officer - Sweden
Special Police Tactics" (SPT) in Sweden, peace units in the Netherlands, or the so-called "three Ds" model (dialogue, de-escalate, defend) in French-speaking Switzerland.

Mediation teams - Canada
as well as in Canada with mediation teams.

Afd event 2016 - Germany
These new models decline four main principles:
a conception of crowd logics different from crowd psychology,

Liaison Officer in England
facilitation and accompaniment of demonstrations;

German liaison officer
the development of communication at all stages
of a law enforcement operation

Demonstration 2012 in Bern - Switzerland
and finally the differentiation and targeting of law enforcement interventions, here in Bern, Switzerland, in front of activists,

Demonstration 2015 - Canada
or as here in Montreal.

Demonstration in Leipzig - Germany - December 2015
However it can happen that the groups are really very violent and the intervention for the restoration of order is carried out.

French Mobile Gendarmes - France
In France, a parliamentary report from 2015 was made on the state of affairs and proposals on the missions of the French law enforcement.

Pump truck - France
Even if France is equipped with pump trucks,

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French Security company - France
units are still taken to task, as in 2016 during the demonstrations on the labor law.

French Mobile Gendarmerie - France
A real reflection is underway to improve this relationship
between demonstrators and police.

However, the increasingly violent acts of aggression pose a real reflection as you can discover on the link below:   

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- The action of masked gangs in demonstrations -
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