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Territorial Support Group of London - English Version


Territorial Support Group of London

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The Territorial Support Group (TSG or also called CO 20) of the London Metropolitan Police Service in charge of policing demonstrations in London and its greater suburbs.

It is composed of more than 800 members.

It can be supported by the PSU for "Police Support Unit". 

    - English Version -
- The PSU - Police Support Unit -
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Created in 1982, it replaces the Special Patrol Group. 
The TSG agents can be distinguished by the U on their epaulettes.

They have different missions such as securing the capital against terrorism, intervening quickly in front of disturbances in the streets and reducing crime in support of the local police.

Trained in restoring order, the TSG is equipped for its members with protections such as helmets, shields and reinforcements on the uniform.

The trainings are regular because they can be confronted
 with all kinds of demonstrators.

Within the framework of the rapid response against terrorism it works in close collaboration with the ARV (Armed response Vehicle)

The TSG is composed of 5 bases in London: 
1TSG based in Paddington Green, 
2TSG based in Alperton,  
3TSG based in Chadwell Heath,  
4TSG based in Catford, 
5TSG based in Clapharm.

Canadians did investigative work at the 2001 Summit of the Americas on the categories of protesters: Regardless of the country, protesters are not homogeneous. They are divided into several categories:

- The demonstrator who asks for permission to march and does not break anything.

- The pacifist who is less convenient,

- The adept of civil disobedience and sitting deliberately obstructing official ceremonies.

But it is on the fringe of these majority groups that
the "dangerous categories":
- First of all, the rioters, for whom the demonstration serves as an alibi; 

- and finally the groups constituted by autonomists and anarchists, better and better equipped and using the method known as "Black Blocs", that is to say individuals hidden behind black masks, black gloves and black clothes and operating in group not to be spotted during violent actions or degradations.

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The TSG intervenes in support when the London Metropolitan Police Service is overwhelmed by violence that requires better equipped members.

In 2009, demonstrations took place in the City of London against the G20,
where again TSGs were deployed

Video of these 2009 demonstrations

During the 2011 riots in North London, which led to a wave of riots in other cities in England, the TSG was very mobilized.

Many lootings took place in stores,

but also the burning of vehicles,

and buildings...
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Videos during these riots:

One of the TSG's practices to contain the crowd is the human barrier.

In highly fluid protest situations, these TSG human barriers are able to react quickly by breaking down and reforming,

to protect vulnerable targets in the demonstration,

or to encircle protesters in a tightly controlled strategic cordon.

If the crowd is not violent, this can be used to repel them...

On the other hand, this technique is not without consequences when faced with violent movements because the police are in contact.

The TSG can also deploy huge metal fences

  to serve as obstacles and channel the crowds

Similarly, the police force can deploy a principle of barriers,

very difficult to break down because they are locked together.

To limit the overflow, the English police forces use the logic of de-escalation
as explained below thanks to "Liaison Officers":

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The UK has been involved in the GODIAC project in analyzing and researching new methods of policing and dialogues with protesters.

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However the increasingly violent acts of aggression pose a real reflection as you can discover on the link below:

To intervene, they have reinforced vans facing the demonstrators

and sometimes use riot trucks with water cannons

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because they can also use them as a means to set up a blockade.

These means work well as a rule...

Finally the mounted unit is also deployed to disperse a crowd.

Here too, the choice of contact with the demonstrators is dangerous, risking injuries on both sides...

But it is still used...

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In 1990, against Thatcher reforms, these units were deployed and where the horse charges were violent...

and the presence of police and horsemen in the middle of the crowd
 shows the danger for both parties

Videos from that time

and here a video about the Riots
since 2010 in the United Kingdom

and others on various interventions:


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