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The ROLL'S ROYCE of the royal families and presidents - English Version

The ROLL'S ROYCE of the Royal Families and Presidents
- English Version -

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Roll's Royce Silver Ghost of the King of the Belgians

At the beginning of the century, the English brand ROLL'S ROYCE is quickly a brand of luxury cars and addresses the Monarchies throughout the world by offering its models.


Escort of the Emperor Hiro HITO in the Twenties in a Roll's Royce Silver Ghost

The Emperor of Japan Hirohito will have two...


Roll's Royce of the Prince of Wales Edward on 24/11/1926

Of course, the English Royal Family during these first decades of the 20th century will possess also ROLL'S ROYCE.


The king Farouk of Egypt also drove in a ROLL'S ROYCE Phantom III in the 30s.


During the Second World War, we can note that the English General MONTGOMERY had at his disposal a ROLL'S ROYCE Phantom III. This car had been requisitioned by the Ministry of War Transport to Mr WILCOX, owner of an English company, the "TALBOT Motor Company".


It was also used by King George VI, the British Prime Minister Winston CHURCHILL and the American General EISENHOWER during meetings in preparation for the landing.


After D-Day, it was given to the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. This ROLL'S ROYCE is also known under the name of "GREEN CAR". It was the last model conceived by the founder Henry ROYCE before his death in 1933. 710 were produced and 300 survived.


The English general MONTGOMERY also used a ROLL'S ROYCE as personal car, from the landing until the moment when he signed the German surrender on "LÜNEBURG HEATH", near Hamburg, in Germany, on May 04, 1945 concerning the Netherlands, the northwest of Germany, Denmark and the German warships in this zone.

This general was determined to be seen in a better car than any German general in their MERCEDES...


The Japanese Imperial Household will acquire in 1947 a ROLL'S ROYCE Silver Wraith Hooper.

Thereafter, they will be Japanese car manufacturers who will offer cars to the Japanese Imperial Family
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However, at the time of the enthronement of Emperor AKIHITO on November 12, 1990, it will be in a ROLL'S ROYCE Corniche III that the population of Tokyo will see their new emperor and his wife.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in a Roll's Royce Phantom IV of 1954

The English Royal Family, under the impulse of the husband of the Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince Phillip of Edinburgh, will choose, from the years 1950, the brand ROLL'S ROYCE as official supplier of the British Royal Cars.


The ROLL'S ROYCE's of the Queen Elizabeth II

She possesses about ten of them always in working order.


ROLL'S ROYCE PHANTOM VI - 1978 - during the Wedding of Prince WILLIAM in 2012

One of the particularities of several of them is their transparent panoramic rear roof allowing the crowd to see the Queen or the members of the Royal Family.


Roll's Royce Phamtom VI of 1977 and Phantom VI of 1987 of the English Royal Family

Over the years, the royal family maintains its ROLL'S ROYCE which are used at the time of marriages or official ceremonies for the other members of the English Royal Family.

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Roll's Royce Phantom IV of the Shah of IRAN

ROLL'S ROYCE will build, between 1950 and 1956, a limited series of 18 copies of ROLL'S ROYCE Phantom IV, for English crowned heads, English princes and princesses, or leaders. Some will order several of them as the Shah of IRAN who will order two, or Sheik Abdullah III of Kuwait who will order three.

Roll's Royce Phantom IV of General FRANCO during the reception of the American President FORD in Madrid on 31/05/1975

The Spanish General FRANCO will also order three of them, two classic and one convertible.


Roll's Royce Phamtom IV of the King of Spain during the coronation of King FelipeVI on 19/06/2014

These are still used by the Spanish Royal Family during great ceremonies

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Arrival of the Chinese President Xi JINPING in the Royal Plaza de Armeria in Madrid
For the welcoming ceremony of King Felipe VI on 28/11/2018

Or to receive royal guests or presidents of countries as here in during the arrival of the Chinese President in Madrid on 28 November 2018.


Video of this arrival in the streets of Madrid

Video of the arrival of the Roll's Royce
to the Spanish Royal Palace

For certain important moments, certain kings will order ROLL'S ROYCE for a marriage as here, that of the King Rainier III of Monaco with the Princess Grace KELLY on April 19, 1956


To note that the British government had equipped some of its embassies, like here in Moscow at the time of the USSR, for its ambassadors of ROLL'S ROYCE.


King Hussein of Jordan, big collector of cars of prestige, also has ROLL'S ROYCE that he used at the time of celebrations of the independence of his country.

In Petromonarchies also, ROLL'S ROYCE are there to welcome guests of honor as here with this ROLL'S ROYCE of the Sultanate of Barhein.


African leaders will also have their ROLL'S ROYCE, as here with this ROLL'S ROYCE Phantom V in Zimbabwe,


Or there with the Kenyan President Jomo KENYATTA (president of KENYA from 1962 to 1978) with a  ROLL’S ROYCE Phantom VI.


Brazil also has a ROLL'S ROYCE Silver Wraith which is still used at the time of solemn moments,


as here, during the second investiture of the Brazilian President Dilma ROUSSEF in 2015,


or here with President BOLSONARO in 2019.


The King of the bruneï is also a big collector of ROLL'S ROYCE, as here with a  ROLL’S ROYCE Phantom VI,


Or as here with a ROLL'S ROYCE Limousine that he uses when he moves in London.


As well as some for commemorations in his country with this ROLL'S ROYCE Silver gold plated...


Other Royal Families will also choose the ROLL'S ROYCE to move at the time of official ceremonies or at the time of national mourning, like here, the car of the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in 2018 at the time of the burial of her husband, Prince Henrik II.


Mercedes S Class Limousine of the Belgian coachbuilder CARAT-DUCHATELET

Currently, the official cars of pomp or which are used for official ceremonies are of the MERCEDES brand, prepared by specialized coachbuilders :

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MERCEDES 600 Pullman from the 60's-70's are still driving as here in Morocco, when King Abdullah II receives his guests, here the King of Spain in July 2014.

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- Mercedes 600 W100 PULLMAN limousines -
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However some monarchs, other than the English, Spanish and Brunei Royal Family still use ROLL'S ROYCE, in some Asian countries as for the Royal Family of Thailand with this ROLL'S ROYCE Phantom VI,

as well as recent models of the beginning of the years 2000, as here with the Royal Family of Cambodia,

or there in Malaysia for the cars of the Malaysian Royal Family,

Roll's Royce Ghost of the Malaysian Royal Family

and recent, here with a ROLL’S ROYCE Ghost.


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ROLL'S ROYCE also receives orders for recent models in Africa, as here, in Nigeria, for the king of the Fulani community.

Or here with the African sovereign Otumfuo Osei Tutu II of the Kingdom ASHANTI in Ghana arriving in August 2020 in a ROLL'S ROYCE Ghost

However some are not always used as car of apparat, often caprice of wife of African leaders, as on this photo with this order of the King of Swaziland of 19 ROLL'S ROYCE of which two roses...

In certain European capitals, one also finds recent ROLL'S ROYCE, as here with that of the Ambassador of the Central African Republic, with this ROLL'S ROYCE Ghost.

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