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Intervention of the horse in the Forces of order - English Version


Intervention of the horse in the Forces of order
- English Version -

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- Version Française -
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Three riders of the Dutch Police
For many years, horses have been used in different countries
by the forces of law and order.

Gendarmes of the French Republican Guard on the Breton coast
They have several missions, depending on the country, such as intervening as environmental police to protect the fauna and flora in fragile or protected areas, as well as in national parks.

Four riders of the Canadian Mounted Police
To be present during official ceremonies, sports or cultural events.

Two riders of the French National Police on a beach in Northern France
To ensure public safety in tourist areas during the summer, or to secure public parks and gardens.

Riders of the French National Police on the outskirts of a stadium
To ensure a reinforcement in the law enforcement, even the restoration of order, during sporting or social events.

Equestrian unit of the Dutch Police (BEREDEN Politie)
For this, the protective equipment on the horses resembles that of the forces of order equipped in law enforcement.

French Cuirassiers, saber in the air, in June 1906
At the beginning of the twentieth century, military units on horseback were sent out against demonstrators with their swords drawn and struck with the flat of the blade...

German Bereitschaftspolizei on horseback in the 1950s
These units also intervened to provide reinforcements for the police on foot,

Belgian Cavaliers and Royal Gendarmes during a demonstration in Brussels
like on this picture of the magazine "LIFE" in the 60's in Belgium,

Gendarmes on horseback of the GRM during a demonstration in the 20s in Paris
or created a wall with their mounts, thus channelling the crowds, during demonstrations, to avoid going into certain streets.

Find out more about the history
of the Forces of order in France:
Swedish riders in support of police officers on foot during a major arrest of fans
This mission, currently, is one of the most delicate. Indeed, the animal intervenes in a violent environment and must create a deterrent to agitators or violent people.

Training of the BEREDEN Politie, the Dutch mounted police
For this the animal is trained so that it is not afraid of sudden movements around it,

Training of the BEREDEN Politie, the Dutch mounted police
and to move around tear gas, smoke and fumes...
    - English Version -
Four riders of the English PSU
The United Kingdom uses them regularly.

As you can see on the following videos
the risk for the demonstrators is possible.

Riders of the English Police during a violent demonstration
But also for the rider and his mount.

On this video, we see a man attacking the horse. If police officers on foot are close by and have identified the attacker, he is immediately arrested and will be prosecuted...

To show also the risks for the rider, we can see on the end of this video, a fallen rider... The risk is great that the horse becomes, thereafter, uncontrollable...

Charge of English Police Riders
The charges are however always impressive.

But facing a compact mass, this one can be tricky as we can see on this video.

Demonstration in Trafalgar Square in the 90s
These units were used a lot during social demonstrations in the 90's, as can be seen on the following two videos:

The English riot Police
    - English Version -

    - English Version -

Four Australian cavalrymen in law enforcement uniform
They can also be found in Commonwealth countries, like here in Australia.

Riders of the Dutch Royal Marechaussee (Koninklijke Marechaussee) during a training session
Other countries, such as the Netherlands, have this type of mounted unit.

They are used to gently push back protesters as seen in this 2019 video:

Intervention of the Dutch Mounted Police in Amsterdam in 2009 during student demonstrations
We see there too, on the videos to follow, their interventions and the psychological side created, during demonstrations in the Netherlands:

Même scène mais sous un autre angle

    - English Version -

Four riders of the German Police
Germany uses them in some länder,
but prefers to use riot trucks.


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  - English Version -
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Three riders of the Belgian Police in intervention during a demonstration
Belgium also has equestrian units. It has been discussed for the sake of economy to stop them. But for now, they are always present during demonstrations. However, facing the violence of some demonstrators, Belgium, like Germany, prefers to deploy riot trucks.


 - English Version -
- The Belgian Riot Control Forces -
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  - English Version -
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Three riders of the Swedish Police in front of demonstrators.
You can also find them in Sweden, even in winter...


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Three Norwegian horsemen in law enforcement uniform
as well as in Norway.

Four riders from the Montreal Police
Across the Atlantic, Quebec law enforcement also uses them like here in Montreal.

Here is a video of their progression in the streets of Montreal.
 - English Version -

Another Canadian city, here in Toronto, we can see, on the video above, the wall that can be created to stop the progression of demonstrators.


Two Chicago Police riders with the Law Enforcement uniform.
In the US, many cities use them like here in Chicago. Chicago's equestrian unit includes 30 horses and 30 riders. Local authorities use them as crowd control tools and provide significant support to police officers in the field at official city summits.

Pittsburgh Police Riders
or here the Pittsburgh Equestrian Unit.

Colombian horses and riders in riot gear
Similarly in Central and South America, the use of horses is made for law enforcement.

Here a video of the Chilean Police

On this picture, we can see a horse of the Chilean Mounted Police injured in the back. Hence the usefulness of side protection on horses when facing violent demonstrators.

Two riders of the French Republican Guard at Place de la Concorde in Paris
France regularly deploys the Republican Guard of the National Gendarmerie in various locations such as Paris, state forests and coastal reinforcements.

Three riders of the National Gendarmerie on a market in Côtes d'Armor in 2018
Indeed, some communes during the summer periods increase in terms of population.

Two riders of the National Gendarmerie on a beach of Biscarrosse in the Landes
Horses allow their riders to have an important surveillance vision in front of the crowd, on parking lots or on beaches.

Rider of the Gendarmerie making respect the confinement
during the COVID 2019 in St Brévin les Pins in Loire Atlantique on 22/03/2020
France has also deployed mounted units to enforce containment in 2020 over large areas to be monitored.


Demonstration of an equestrian unit of the French National Police
  Created in 1994, the equestrian units of the French National Police, they intervene in the law enforcement around stadiums or demonstrations that bring together huge numbers of people.

Two riders of the equestrian unit of the National Police on the Champs Elysees in Paris
They also patrol on the Champs Elysees as well as in provincial city centers.

Riders of the National Police on the Place de l'Opéra during a demonstration on 01/12/18
or come in support in demonstrations with outfits for the riders and for the horses in law enforcement.

Riders of the National Police Bd Haussmann in Paris during the demonstrations of 01/12/18
As here, during the Riots of December 01, 2018 in Paris
Qui sont vraiment les casseurs du 24/11/18 et 01/12/18
en France ?
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Riders of the National Police in a street of Paris, 08/12/18
They were also deployed on Saturday 08 and 15 December 2018, still on Paris and supported the "DAR" (Rapid Action Device) and other mobile units.

Gestion des manifestations du 08 et 15 décembre 2018 en France
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They can be seen in this video above. They allow progress in difficult to access areas, as well as on sidewalks, stair steps or erected barricades, where vehicles would have more difficulty passing.

But faced with the violence of some demonstrations, France prefers, like Belgium and Germany, to use its foot police in support:

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And its riot trucks:

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Here are pictures of an episode of "GSG9 1/87" in 1/87
 with riders in law enforcement:

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 with riders in law enforcement:



Discover on this blog
other units of maintenance of order
like Italy, Switzerland, Spain
and other countries...
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