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Recent Chinese Presidential limousines - English Version

Recent Chinese Presidential limousines

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Up date: 08/05/2024

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For several years now, Chinese leaders have been driving around in luxury limousines of the Chinese brand. The latest is the HONGQI N701, which appeared in 2022, pictured here on April 06, 2024 in the Cour de l'Elysée in Paris, during a state visit to celebrate 60 years of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations.

The Chinese Presidential limousine HONGQI N701
Since 1958, the Chinese manufacturer CLA has provided cars to the great personalities of the Chinese Communist Party. The HONGQI N701 continues in this idea of Chinese power.

The Chinese presidential car  HONGQI N701 was designed on the chassis of the HONGQI LS7
With more than 5.7m length, this imposing car shows a machine competing with the big western limousines. 
The Chinese Preisdential limousine  HONGQI N501
Previously, it was the HONGQI N501 that was used during the Chinese President's trips abroad.

We can see this vehicle during a state visit in Italy  
The Chinese limousine HONGQI L9

Before the HONGQI N501,  it was the HONGQI L9 

It is also during the National Day of China and the review of the military troops by the Chinese President.

It is followed by other HONGQI vehicles filming the Chinese President during this Review of the troops.

 There is a 1/87 HONGQI L9 model
Brand: BOS Models Scale: 1/87
 Reference: 87795

The Chinese luxury brand was founded in 1958. Here are its first two prototypes, shown here as a sedan in August 1958,

and here as a convertible in October 1958.

 Hongqi means “Red Flag”. Series production of the Hongqi CA72 began in August 1959.

 In 1966, the Hongqi CA72 was modernized with a long wheelbase..

The Hongqi CA770 would be the car for official parades when diplomatic guests arrived, as here with French President Georges POMPIDOU in September 1973.

or here with the convertible version.

During commemorations and troop reviews, Chinese leaders used the car continuously, as here in October 1984 with Chinese President  Deng XIAOPING,

or here in 1999 with Chinese President Jiang ZEM-MING in Beijing.

In 2009, the model was improved with the Hongqi CA700J, here with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

And here, in 2013, with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

It is always present for ceremonies on Chinese territory, here in September 2015.

or here again in 2019.

On the other land, for many years, when traveling abroad, the Chinese authorities took limousines offered by the countries they visited, as here in Moscow in November 1998, when Chinese President Jiang Zem-ming visited with an old Soviet limousine.

or here, with a Mercedes S-Class in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2009, during Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit.

Or here in Helsinki, Finland on April 05, 2017 during Xi Jinping's visit.

March 2019 will see the first official appearance in France of a Hongqi N501 limousine.

It will be on every trip to foreign countries. And it will be seen traveling in pairs, as here with Chinese President Xi Jinping on January 17, 2020.

This is China's way of demonstrating its power as a great country, just as the American President does with his two Cadillac One's when he travels in the USA or elsewhere.

Or the Russian President with his two AURUS Kortezh.

It would then be replaced two years later, by the Hongqi N701, which would make its first appearance in Thailand at the APEC Forum in July 2022.

And here too, the Chinese President travels with two N701s, shown here visiting Vietnam on December 12, 2023.

Here are some videos of these limousines
during official visits:

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