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The cars of the British Prime Ministers from the 50's onwards - English Version


The cars of the British Prime Ministers
from the 50's onwards

   - English Version -

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Sir Winston CHURCHILL in his HHUMBER Super Snipe MKII

When Sir Winston CHURCHILL was British Prime Minister from 1951 to 1955, he used as car a HUMBER Super Sniper MKII


Illustration vehicle

The following prime ministers opted for ROVER P5B.


ROVER P5B in front of 10 Downing Street, Residence of the British Prime Minister

This model remained for a long time the official car of the English Prime Minister. It was produced from 1958 to 1973.


JAGUAR XJ - Series 3 in front of the English Parliament in the 80's

It is from 1979 that the English Prime Ministers will start to drive in JAGUAR or with its DAIMLER variant, and replaced little by little all the ROVER P5B. It was Margareth THATCHER who had three terms as British Prime Minister, from 1979 to 1990, who started to drive a  JAGUAR.


Arrival of Prime Minister Margareth THATCHER in a JAGUAR XJ - Series 3

At the beginning, she used JAGUAR XJ - Série 3


Arrival of Prime Minister Margareth THATCHER in a JAGUAR XJ40



Prime Minister John MAJOR's car leaves BUCKINGHAM PALACE in London

His replacement, Sir John MAJOR, Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997, also opted for JAGUAR XJ40s, then JAGUAR XJ300


Prime Minister Tony BLAIR leaves his residence at 10 Downing Street

Sir Tony BLAIR, Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007, drove in  JAGUAR XJ300 and 308


Arrival of Prime Minister Gordon BROWN at the British Parliament in London

We can see that over the years, the JAGUAR brand has managed to keep this place as the vehicle of the British Prime Minister,


Départ du premier Ministre Gordon BROWN du Parlement Anglais à Londres

like here with Sir Gordon BROWN, Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010, on board a JAGUAR XJ350


JAGUAR XJ351 du Premier Ministre David CAMERON

In May 2010, the Prime Minister David CAMERON, from 2010 to 2016, receives the new model of JAGUAR with the XJ351 Phase 1.


Exit of the Prime Minister CAMERON in front of the 10 Downing Street

Here we see him coming out with one of the famous Red Boxes, whose contents contain government documents that are delivered to the Queen or King of England every week, or are used by ministers to carry official ministerial documents.


British Prime Minister Theresa May leaving 10 Downing Street

Her successor, Prime Minister Theresa May, from 2016 to 2019, will also use JAGUAR XJ351 – Phase 1 et Phase 2.


Exit of the Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON at 10 Downing Street

As well as the Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON, from 2019 to 2022,


Arrival of Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON at 10 Downing Street

who also carries these famous Red Boxes
for the Queen.


Escort of the Prime Minister to the English Parliament

The trips are sometimes very short between 10 Downing Street, residence of the Prime Minister, the English Parliament, and Buckingham Palace, residence of the Queen, because the places are very close to each other.


Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON's exit from 10 Downing Street

The British Prime Minister also uses a RANGE ROVER Sentinel for this type of trip,


Video of a trip under high protection in a Range Rover Sentinel


The British Prime Minister getting off the plane in Glasgow in January 2021

or here during an official visit to GLASGOW in January 2021

The JAGUAR XJ351 are of course fully armored and have tires that allow them to run even when punctured by bullets.


They also have an independent and autonomous oxygen supply to face a chemical or biological attack.

In 2023, the British Prime Minister's car was replaced by an AUDI A8.

Here she is in different videos:


The AIRBUS A330 VOYAGER of the British Prime Minister

For his international travels, the British Prime Minister has at his disposal an AIRBUS A330 VOYAGER. This plane can also be used for the official trips of Queen or King of England.

Here are some videos of this JAGUAR XJ351



 And here during two incidents during its journey

Jaguar XJ State Limousine of the English Royal Family
Note that the English Royal Family owns two JAGUAR XJ State Limousine models in the British royal colors.

Jaguar XJ State Limousine of the English Royal Family
This model has been lengthened compared to the classic model.


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