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Riot Control Forces of the city of MONTREAL - English Version

Riot control Forces
of the City of MONTREAL
 - English Version -

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The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) mobilizes among its police force units trained in the management of maintaining
and restoration of order.

They intervene according to current events and demonstrations deemed to be at risk, such as the May 1st workers' march, or march against war.

  the annual demonstration against police brutality (COBP),

the student protest marches, and other demonstrations that are unpredictable in their course.

Depending on the emergency measures and the risk of urban guerrilla warfare, it develops strategies and methods to avoid this type of outburst.

The Canadian police forces are committed to the principle of de-escalation through the use of police mediators.

They are close to the demonstrators and listen to them so that everything goes well.
You can find above the explanation of this principle:

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It also applies a framing of the protesters.

On the whole, demonstrations in Quebec go well.

However, it mobilizes Intervention Groups (GI). These are classic police officers who are recalled for this type of demonstration.

They are trained to maintain and restore order.

The Canadians carried out an investigation during the Summit of the Americas in 2001 on the categories of demonstrators: Whatever the country, the demonstrators are not homogeneous. They are divided into several categories:

- The demonstrator who asks for permission to march and does not break anything. 

- The pacifist who is less convenient,

- The adept of civil disobedience and sitting deliberately obstructing
official ceremonies.

But it is on the fringe of these majority groups that
the "dangerous categories":
- First of all, the rioters, for whom the demonstration serves as an alibi;

- and finally the groups constituted by autonomists and anarchists, better and better equipped and using the method known as "Black Blocs", that is to say individuals hidden behind black masks, black gloves and black clothes and operating in group not to be spotted during violent actions or degradations.

However, we can observe the rise in violence of these groups seeking
contact with the forces of order and an adaptation of the latter:

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   - English Version -
- The action of masked gangs in demonstrations -
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The difficulty being not to be overrun.

The use of tear gas to disperse violent demonstrators
is part of the solutions,

as well as preventive arrests.

Afterwards, arrests during the demonstration are also possible depending on the seriousness of the acts committed by dangerous people.

The Intervention Groups can be helped by the "Sureté du Québec" units to have a maximum of members and avoid any overflow...

The SPVM can also be assisted by cavalry units,

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as well as cycling units to supervise the demonstrations.

Here are videos of the means put in place
to supervise a demonstration in Montreal.

Videos of demonstrations in Montreal



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