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Austrian Riot control Forces - English Version


The Einsatzeinheit
Austrian Riot Control Forces

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The Einsatzeinheit are the intervention units of the Austrian Police.

They intervene during soccer matches against hooligans,

in the maintenance of order at social or recreational events,

or in tense situations,

and finally when situations get out of hand.

The training of these units is constant so that they are ready
for all kinds of interventions,

in different places,

and different situations.

The Canadians did some investigative work at the 2001 Summit of the Americas on the categories of protesters: Whatever the country, the demonstrators are not homogeneous. They can be divided into several categories:

- The demonstrator who asks for permission to march and does not break anything. 

- The pacifist who is less convenient,

- The adept of civil disobedience and sitting deliberately obstructing official ceremonies.

But it is on the fringe of these majority groups that
the "dangerous categories":
- First of all, the rioters, for whom the demonstration serves as an alibi;

- and finally the groups constituted by autonomists and anarchists, better and better equipped and using the method known as "Black Blocs", i.e. individuals hidden behind black masks, black gloves and black clothes and operating in group not to be spotted during violent actions or degradations.

The Einsatzeinheit are spread over the 9 Austrian provinces. One can distinguish on the back of these units the location of their barracks:

Unit Wulka in Burgenland, with the letter B

Unit Luchs in Kärnten, with the letter K

Unit Schneeberg in Niederösterreich, with the letter N

Unit Lentos in Oberösterreich , with the letter O

Unit Taurus in Salzburg , with the letter S

Unit Dachstein in Steiermark , with the letters ST

Unit Habicht in Tirol, with the letter T

Unit Pfänder in Vorarlberg , with the letter V

Vienna has 3 units: Unit Ulan with the letter U, unit Delfin with the letter D and unit Tosca with the letters BE

One of the techniques used by the Einsatzeinheit to repel violent demonstrators is the use of portable tear gas.

This makes it possible to repel without making contact with the demonstrators.

But has its limits when there are more and more violent demonstrators...

They also use the method of fixed barriers with shields to repel
demonstrators who might try to pass...

Also, they use German methods to frame demonstrations
by accompanying them and deploying a lot of manpower.

or to evacuate members who are sitting down to bring them
physically to the rear...

In the same way, during violent demonstrations and when faced with fire or Molotov cocktails, they have members equipped with devices that can quickly put out a fire.

As can be seen in this video above.

The Einsatzeinheit travel with this type of reinforced van,

and have "water cannon" trucks.

This allows to have a dissuasive side, to push back the rioters without direct contact,

to have a commitment of less manpower on foot and finally the possibility of extinguishing of fire while waiting for the firemen.
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Austria participated in the GODIAC project in the analysis and research of new methods of policing and dialogues with protesters.

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However the increasingly violent acts of aggression pose a real reflection as you can discover on the link below:

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Some videos of their interventions:



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