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French Security and Intervention Companies - English Version

French Security and Intervention Companies

- English Version -

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- Version Française -
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France has had a law enforcement force
in its major cities in 2003.

The name of this force is "Compagnie de Sécurisation et d'Intervention" of the French National Police called CSI or CI. (In English Security and Intervention Companies)

They can be recognized by the royal blue stripe they wear on their helmets.

The Canadians did some investigative work during the 2001 Summit of the Americas on the categories of protesters: Whatever the country, the demonstrators are not homogeneous. They are divided into several categories:

- The demonstrator who asks for permission to march and does not break anything.

- The pacifist who is less convenient, 

- The adept of civil disobedience and sitting deliberately obstructing official ceremonies. 

But it is on the fringe of these majority groups that
the "dangerous categories":
- First of all, the rioters, for whom the demonstration serves as an alibi; 

Violent group during a demonstration against the Labour Law in France - 2016
- The "black blocks" then, groups made up of autonomists and anarchists, better and better equipped.
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- The action of masked gangs in demonstrations -
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The members of the security and intervention companies are trained to intervene to maintain and restore order during demonstrations.

They are also equipped to film violent demonstrators
in view of legal proceedings.

CSI and CRS receiving fireworks during a demonstration
They can intervene at the beginning of a small undeclared demonstration, and support the French Republican Security Companies (CRS) or French Mobile Gendarmerie Squadrons (EGM) during larger demonstrations.

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The most important being the one of Paris, the capital of France, and which depends on the Prefecture of Police of Paris.

These companies depend on the Direction de l'ordre public et de la circulation (DOPC) (in english : (Direction of Public Order and Traffic) and managed by the Sous-direction de l'ordre public de l'agglomération parisienne.They were created in 2003.

The members of the CS of Paris can be recognized during demonstrations thanks to the royal blue stripes on their helmets and the crest of the Préfecture of Police of Paris on the front of the helmet.

The DOPC has six security companies which supervise all types of demonstrations and are experienced in all techniques of maintaining order.

The coordination during demonstrations in the city of PARIS is managed by the DOPC via the three public order districts, which are competent for several districts.

This management is carried out from a specialized information and command room located at the police prefecture and manages all the forces intervening in the field (intervention companies of the Paris prefecture, mobile gendarmerie squadrons and Republican security companies
placed at the disposal of the Prefect of Police).

Outside of demonstrations, they intervene to support police units and secure locations as part of the VIGIPIRATE program.

It was during the attack on the Champs Elysees, on April 20, 2017, that a CSI unit, in a static position to protect this avenue, was attacked and one of their members, Captain Xavier Jugelé, was shot by a terrorist, injuring two police officers of his team and a passer-by.
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Within the CSIs of district 75, district 93 and district 94, there is a group called GSO for "Groupe de Soutien Opérationnel". They assist the judicial police services for house searches and arrests.
CSIs also respond to violence in certain neighborhoods:
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- Urban violence in France -
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- Urban violence in different Western countries -
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Here are some of the vehicles that equip the DOPC:

Anti-riot water launcher of the DOPC 
(Direction of Public Order and Traffic)

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Bus for people arrested during demonstrations


CSI of Strasbourg in 2009 during the NATO summit
The other CSI (Compagnie de Sécurisation et d'Intervention) are spread in other big cities of France like Marseille, Toulouse and Strasbourg.

Training at the ENP in Nîmes against urban violence
It is at the National Police School (ENP) in Nîmes that the CS train against urban violence or during demonstrations. Created in 1999, it is the equivalent for the National Police of the School of St ASTIER for the gendarmes.

Video of the CSI training

The increasingly violent acts of aggression pose a real reflection as you can discover on the link below:  
The Minister of the Interior, Gérard COLLOMB, in St Astier, on 08/06/18
The Minister of the Interior, Gérard COLLOMB, exposed, on June 08, 2018, at the Gendarmerie's St Astier Training Center, the law enforcement doctrine to be adopted during upcoming interventions:
Developed on the basis of RETEX (Return of Experiences) of four major operations carried out in recent months (Bure, Notre Dame des Landes, Management of movements in universities in May 2018 and the demonstration of May 1, 2018), the doctrine evolves around a major axis:
The judicialization of troublemakers

Video of this visit of 08/06/2018

Three principles will be taken into account:
1- Better prepare and anticipate public order maneuvers

2- Guarantee the full and complete application of the law

3- Better explain and communicate
on the meaning of the action undertaken.

CSI and CRS facing Yellow Vests demonstrators e 24/11/18 on the Champs Elysées in Paris
However the riots which occurred, in margin of demonstrations known as "Yellow Vests" on 24/11/18 and 01/12/18 in Champs Elysées, or elsewhere in France, impose a new reflection on this type of extremely violent demonstrations:

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VBRG clearing a small barricade in Paris on 08/12/18
This followed changes in the modus operandi during the protests in France on Saturday, December 08, 2018, spreading over the entire territory more than 89,000 gendarmes and police. For information, 100 Mobile Gendarmerie Squadrons out of 109 and 55 Companies of CRS out of 60 were mobilized.

Mobile gendarmes in Bordeaux facing violent people on 08/12/18
A better adaptation of the manpower and dynamic movements were carried out to prevent the rioters from positioning themselves in defensive situation.

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Motorcyclists of the Republican Guard during a reinforcement for the BRAV-M on 20/04/19
Since April 20, 2019, "BRAV-Ms" have been put in place. These are motorcycle pairs that allow the rapid deployment of Law Enforcement Forces in violent locations that can support CSI :

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  French military crowd control demonstration in September 2009 in Saumur
To know that the French Army trains some of its units in Crowd and Riot Control (CRC).
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