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The limousines used by the Queen of England Elizabeth II during her trips around the world - English Version


The limousines used
by the Queen of England Elizabeth II
during her trips around the world

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Queen Elizabeth during a visit to London on 04/06/1953

The Queen of England Elizabeth II always circulated by limousine.

In April 1957 with the President COTY on board a 15/6 H CHAPRON

Since her accession to the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has made more than a hundred state visits or has been invited by Presidents or cities for commemorations throughout the world,


Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Saint Lucia on 16/02/1966

She even totaled more than 200 trips to the Commonwealth countries where she is head of the Commonwealth.


Arrival of the Queen on December 23, 1953 in Auckland, New Zealand

Some of these trips to the Commonwealth countries lasted several months: Here during a tour in the South Pacific, here in New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband stayed more than a month in this country (December 23, 1953 to January 30, 1954) criss-crossing the cities of these distant lands of the Empire... as we can see here in Auckland


Arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband in Sydney

 Also in Australia, where they stayed two months...  


1959 CADILLAC Fleetwood with a Bubble Top for Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Ottawa

During her visits, she travelled on board of cars prepared for this purpose, as here in 1959 during a visit which lasted several months, from June 18th to August 1st, through all Canada.


It was on board this limousine with a transparent roof known as "BUBBLE TOP" that the Queen travelled through several Canadian cities.


She was loaded onto a plane shortly before her departure and transported to the next city.


The Queen could also stand upright because the roof could be removed...


In other cities, other limousines were waiting for her like this CONTINENTAL MK IV de 1959.


She went to other states of the Commonwealth, like here in Kenya, on March 26, 1972, in the presence of President Jomo KENYATTA, on board a Mercedes 600 PULLMANN Landaulet.


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or here during her visit during several days in Hong-Kong in May 1975.

Queen Elizabeth's visit to Washington in October 1957

The Queen also went to the American capital where she was received by the American President Dwight EISENHOWER who used a Lincoln Cosmopolitan 1950 Bubbletop during his visit to Washington.


Queen Elizabeth's visit to the USA in October 1957

This principle allows the crowd to see the Queen as we can also see here...

The Queen of England on her arrival at Bonn/Cologne airport on May 18, 1965

The Queen of England Elizabeth II was also welcomed in Germany, for a state visit that lasted 11 days in May 1965.


She passed through many German cities with the same Mercedes 600 PULLMANN, as here, in Munich, on May 21, 1965,


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or here Stuttgart, with Kurt KIESINGER, on May 24, 1965,


or here, in Duisberg, still in May 1965,


or in front of the Berlin Wall, on May 27, 1965,

 Queen Elizabeth II and the French President POMPIDOU on board the SM CHAPRON Présidentielle in May 1972

The Queen succeeded her state trips in different countries, as here in the 70's, with a visit in France on board of the French presidential SM, accompanied by the French President POMPIDOU.


Besides, the French Presidents used each time the SM Présidentielle during his visit, here with François MITTERRAND in April 1992 in Paris,


and there with Jacques CHIRAC in April 2004 on the Champs Elysées.

It also went in American cities as here on July 09, 1976 in New York.


Visit to Teheran on board the Roll's Royce Phantom IV of 1956 of the Shah of Iran in March 1961

As well as in countries of the Middle East, as here, in Iran in 1961, to meet the Shah of IRAN, Mohammad Reza PAHLAVI


or here, during his four days stay in February 1979 in the United Arab Emirates.


or in Maghreb countries, as here in Tunisia, in Tunis, on October 21, 1980, with President BOURGUIBA


Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Stuttgart on 24/05/1965

Each time, the Queen was welcomed with pomp and great crowds on the outskirts of her journey.


Small winks are also made, as here, in August 1994, during her visit for the XVth Commonwealth Games which took place in Canada and where she was transported in a LINCOLN Model K.


King George VI and Queen Mother Elizabeth on 22/05/1939 in Toronto

The same, where Queen Mother ELIZABETH and her husband, King George VI used during their visits to Canada in May 1939, shortly before the outbreak of World War II.


Queen Elizabeth II arriving at the Arc de Triomphe on 05/06/2014 aboard her Royal Bentley.

In recent years, Queen Elizabeth II traveled less because of her age. She used her personal limousine, as here in Paris, during a visit in June 2014 for the commemorations of the D-Day landings


Video of Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Paris in 2014



Procession of the British Royal procession on an avenue in Berlin on June 23, 2015

Or here during her last state trip, to Germany, in June 2015, in Berlin and Frankfurt.


Videos of this visit of Queen Elizabeth II

in Germany in 2015


Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Berlin

Visit of Queen Elizabeth II in Frankfurt
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