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Boeing 747-200B " Air Force One " taxiing on a runway
AIR FORCE ONE is the call sign of the plane in which the President of the USA travels.

Two Boeing 747-200B « Air Force One »
Since 1990, the presidential fleet includes two BOEING 747-200B refurbished and specially equipped for the President, his team, as well as for members of his security and accredited journalists.

Boeing C32 C taxiing on a runway
The Presidential fleet also has BOEING C32s acquired in 1998, with the presidential livery of the 747s. They are used as back-up aircraft or when runways are too short to accommodate the BOEING 747-200B.
They are also used for the Vice President, the FIRST LADY, members of the Presidential Cabinet or US Congressional officials. They are operated by the 89th Airlift Wing of the U.S. Air Force's Air Mobility Command.
Visit of Vice President Mike PENCE
When the Vice President of the United States, number 2 in the presidential hierarchy, boards an aircraft, it takes as its call sign "AIR FORCE TWO".

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Boeing 314 Clipper over San Francisco Bay
Before the Second World War, American Presidents seldom travelled, or used trains on re-election tours. The development of aviation in the 1950s changed all that.
Douglas C54-C Skymaster
 Franklin Delano ROOSVELT was the first president to travel by air during his term of office, flying to a conference in CASABLANCA, MOROCCO in January 1943 aboard a DOUGLAS C54-C skymaster. This aircraft flew for the American Presidency from 1942 to 1945. He also flew in a Boeing 314 Clipper seaplane in 1943..
From 1947 to 1953, President Harry TRUMAN traveled aboard this aircraft, a DOUGLAS VC-118 (DC-6) Lifemaster

Here it is during a stopover by President Harry TRUMAN on August 31, 1947.

Boeing 707VC 137 "Air Force One" lmmatriculated 86972 on 11/05/1961 at Andrews Air Force Base.
The name AIR FORCE ONE was adopted following an incident in 1953, when an EASTERN AIR LINES commercial flight had the same flight number as the presidential plane... The two aircraft were in the same airspace, resulting in confusion..
Boeing 707VC 137A « Air Force One » lmmatriculated 86972
Presidents Dwight D. EISENHOWER, John F. KENNEDY, Lyndon B. JOHNSON and Richard M. NIXON flew aboard a BOEING 707 VC-137A. It flew from 1959 to 1962.
Boeing 707VC 137 "Air Force One" 86972 at Alameda on March 23/1962
Here is President John F. KENNEDY descending from Air Force One registration 86972 at Alameda, California on March 23, 1962.

President JFK during a visit to Cape Canaveral on February 23/1962
The President is regularly greeted by officials on the tarmac.
Boeing 707VC 137 « Air Force One » registration 86972
This aircraft with its white and red livery will be replaced by a new BOEING 707 VC 137C in May 1962 with a new livery.

Boeing 707VC 137 "Air Force One", registration 26000, on a tarmac on 11/06/1982
It will be light blue and white. The armorial of POTUS (President Of The United States) will be affixed to the sides of the fuselage, and the name "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" will be written even larger than on the previous aircraft. 
It is registered "26000" and will fly until 1990.

"Air Force One" landing at Berlin Airport in June 1963
President JFK will use it during his visit to Berlin in June 1963.

On this photo, we see him descending the day before his assassination by the back staircase of "Air Force One" at HOUSTON airport in TEXAS, on November 21, 1963.

Boeing 707VC 137 "Air Force One" registered 27000 taxiing on a runway
In 1972, two new BOEING VC137C were put into service and used by Presidents NIXON, FORD, CARTER, REAGAN, CLINTON and George W.BUSH. They were withdrawn in August 2001.
  President Ronald REAGAN in front of "Air Force One
It can be seen here, during a quick speech of President Ronald REAGAN.

Boeing 747-200B " Air Force One " flying over Mount RUSHMORE
It is in 1990, that the two BOEING 747-200B were put in place

Black Hawk VH60N MARINE ONE in front of a Boeing 747-200B "Air Force One
To bring the President of the USA closer to the "AIR FORCE ONE", "MARINE ONE" helicopters are used as links between the White House and the airport of ANDREWS, as well as in countries where it was considered safer to take helicopters.

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Presidential convoy at the foot of a Boeing 747-200B "Air Force One".
Similarly, road convoys with CADILLAC ONE are also set up for the travel of the President of the USA.

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Boeing 747-200B « Air Force One »
You will discover on this video
a lot of information about these monsters of the air...

Video of the history and use of the "AIR FORCE ONE"
Another video on its history with unpublished images
and very detailed.

Video of a landing and takeoff of AIR FORCE ONE
as well as the assumption of responsibility of the American President of the time

Project of a new livery for Air Force One for 2023
For 2023, two new versions will replace the BOEING 747-200B after 32 years of good and loyal services... The new livery is not decided yet.
On this picture, here is a possible example of new colors.

  ALOUETTE III helicopter and Falcon 20 français
France also has a unit that provides air transport for the French Presidency, as well as its ministers and generals since 1948 and which depends on the French Air Force.

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Other countries also have dedicated planes or helicopters for their presidents, ministers, high military officials or members of royal families:
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Here are models reproducing the AIR FORCE ONE 747 :

Brand: DRAGON  Model: Air Force One   Scale: 1/144

This diorama was created for the permanent exhibition at 1/87 LOXX BERLIN in BERLIN. This exhibition does not exist anymore.

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