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Demonstrations HONG KONG 2019 - 2020 - English Version


Demonstrations HONG-KONG 2019 - 2020

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Demonstration in a street in HONG KONG in 2019
The April 28, 2019, peaceful demonstrations have been taking place in the streets of HONGKONG following a decision by the Chinese state to be able to extradite residents of HONGKONG to CHINA. Indeed, since the retrocession of the enclave of HONGKONG from the United Kingdom to CHINA, this Chinese territory functions under an exceptional regime: it is a semi-autonomous special administrative region keeping a distinct government and legal system.

Official retrocession of the former British colony to CHINA on July 01, 1997
It is under a principle called "One Country, Two Systems" which had allowed the retrocession of this former British colony to China until 2047, that the city enjoys freedoms unknown in the rest of China.

Demonstrators in a street of Hong Kong on 12/06/19
The protests have broadened to include new and wider demands for democratic reform. As the peaceful demonstrations continued, tensions between the Police and the demonstrators became more and more violent.

Police station in Hong Kong on 21/06/19
Already in June 2019, several police stations found themselves blocked by objects dropped by protesters outside their buildings...

Here is a French video from June 12, 2019 from FRANCE 24
showing the beginning of the tension between the Police and the protesters.

Police officers protecting the interior of the Parliament on July 1, 2019
HONGKONG's Parliament is stormed on July 1, 2019.

Protesters on 7/21/19 in the streets of Hong Kong.
On July 21, the escalation of violence continues with the attack on the Chinese Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong...

Demonstrators on 21/07/19 in the streets of Hong Kong
As every day, clashes break out between protesters and police. To face these demonstrations, the PTU (Police Tactical Unit) is on the ground to try to contain the demonstrators.

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Four of the attackers of the pro-democracy protesters on 7/27/19 in Hong Kong
On July 27, 2019, many people dressed in white and armed with baton had attacked pro-democracy protesters by beating them without prompt intervention of the Police. These individuals are suspected of belonging to triads or violent gangs. Indeed, pro-Beijing rural gangs and committees are present near the border between China and the HONGKONG City State. The subsequent arrest by the Hong Kong Police of 12 of these aggressors, 9 of whom are linked to triads, would confirm this hypothesis.

On this video, we can clearly see these individuals

Demonstrators in front of PTU police officers on 27/07/19
These demonstrations in HONGKONG, which is a high place of the International Finance, disturb the Chinese Government.

  Here are more videos of these protests in late July 2019:

Protesters in September 2014 in the streets of Hong Kong
Already in 2014, very important demonstrations had taken place
in these same streets, with more than a million demonstrators some days for a city of 7 million inhabitants...

Nicknamed at the time UMBRELLA MOVEMENT, due to the fact that the demonstrators had umbrellas to protect themselves from the blows of truncheons and pepper gas from the Police, these had made the local government back down.

Demonstrators facing PTU police officers on 28/07/19
However, since the end of July 2019, the tension is at its highest. Some demonstrators who were initially pacifists are becoming radicalized.

Use of pepper spray on demonstrators in June 2019
To fend off pepper spray or police baton blows, protesters are again using umbrellas as shields.

Protesters using lasers against cameras on 03/08/19 in Hong Kong
Also lasers are used to hinder the recording of videos via surveillance cameras. Indeed, in China, facial recognition exists for all its population by giving them a "social rating", but not yet on HONGKONG.

Demonstration of the use of a laser at 100 meters on a camera
By dazzling the sensors of the cameras with these lasers, the demonstrators can progress in the streets...

Protesters in Hong Kong in early August 2019, some of whom use lasers
Similarly, this allows protesters to indicate to others the beginning of police movements in view of charging towards the protesters or police photographing them.

HONG KONG demonstrators choking on smoke from a tear gas capsule
Against the tear gas, the demonstrators use cones of building site to contain the tear gas capsules then make run water to neutralize them...

On this French video, you will discover the means used by these demonstrators against the actions of the Police.

On the edge of a balcony in a Hong Kong street on 30/07/19
Similarly, more violent demonstrators use stones and sticks against the police.

PTU police officer firing rubber bullets on 12/06/19 after the Hong Kong Parliament
This radicalism of some demonstrators is made following the use by the Hong Kong Police of rubber bullets against the demonstrators.

UTP police officer throwing tear gas on 28/07/19
Please note that the HONG-KONG Police are following the specific legal laws of HONG-KONG.

Riot training of Chinese military near the border of Hong Kong on 02/08/19
The Chinese state is increasingly threatening the deployment of its military, of which 6,000 soldiers are permanently stationed in HONG-KONG, to stop these protests.
This would be a first since 1997...

Indeed, this one made a demonstration of force
as we can see on this French video:

Training of police officers on 06/08/19 in SHENZEN
It also made riot drills in neighboring cities with more than 12.000 local policemen, indicating that it would be ready to send them
on HONG-KONG....

Link to an French article presenting these exercices
>>> by clicking here <<<

Chinese army vehicles parked near a stadium in mid-August 2019 in SHENZEN
near the border with Hong Kong

In addition, Chinese army vehicles are stationed near the border between China and Hong Kong, with bulldozers, coaches and troop transport trucks that can be deployed on the city...
Indeed, the law authorizes the garrison commander to intervene to restore order only if the Hong Kong authorities make the request.

Peaceful protesters inside Hong Kong airport on 13/08/2019
The protesters continued to make peaceful demonstrations in different parts of the city, such as inside the Hong-Kong Airport paralyzing the flights of it for several days.

Human chain on the heights of Hong Kong on 23/08/19
On August 23, 2019, protesters made a human chain through the city...

Human chain on the quays of Hong Kong on 23/08/19
This is to show the Hong Kong authorities that they are still determined against the extradition laws to China...

Demonstrators in the streets of Hong Kong on 24/08/19
The movement does not weaken, showing hundreds of thousands of people still mobilized...

Police officers in Hong Kong on 27/07/19
However, some policemen facing these determined demonstrators crack and are very violent during confrontations with them, multiplying police violence...
Two of them were arrested after having struck, many times and for several minutes, a man on a stretcher, on 20/08/2019.

Barrier of protesters in Hong Kong on 8/24/2019
It can be seen in this image from 08/24/2019 that protesters are organizing against possible contact with law enforcement to avoid a direct confrontation. They have deployed their umbrellas against the firing of rubber bullets, jets of water, pepper or tear gas and bamboo poles to keep at a distance the police officers who could use their batons...

Video of a report of a Swiss television of September 07, 2019
 which shows the radicalism of some and others on the violence
of the weeks of end of August and beginning of September 2019

Police officers arresting a demonstrator on 13/11/2019
It was in mid-November that many violence between demonstrators and law enforcement took place, and where for the third time since the beginning of these protests, live fire from the Police broke out.

In this video, a police officer is seen shooting at people
who try to disarm him.

Person using a flaming arrow on a barricade near a university in Hong Kong on 11/13/2019
Protesters dug in at Hong Kong Polytechnic University on November 12, 2019 and used Molotov cocktails and bows to keep police at bay. One of them was injured in the leg.
Here is a video showing the beginning of the siege
of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong Police water launcher near a university in Hong Kong on 11/17/2019
On November 17, 2019, Hong Kong authorities stormed to arrest all protesters there using water throwers.
Unimog of the Hong Kong police force
near a Hong Kong university on 11/17/2019

Law enforcement also used armored vans of the Hong Kong Police.

Unimog of the Hong Kong police force
near a university of Hong Kong on 17/11/201
Which they deployed around this university.
Unimog of the Hong Kong police force equipped with a "Long Range Acoustic
near a university of Hong Kong on 17/11/2019

As well as riot vehicles equipped with a system called "Long Range Acoustic" which emits a very powerful sound wave making the demonstrators move back.
Here is one of its uses during demonstrations
in Pittsburgh, USA in 2009 
Clashes near Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 11/17/2019
The Police continued to advance to enter the occupied University, but to prevent these vehicles from advancing, protesters threw Molotov cocktails...
  Clashes near the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 17/11/2019
The siege by the Police lasted two weeks.
Clashes near the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong on 17/11/2019
And as you can see in these images, the contacts were very violent to prevent the Police from entering this Polytechnic University.
Clashes near the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong on 17/11/2019  
One of the riot trucks was also burned ...
It is thus at the end of two weeks of siege that the Police arrested 800 demonstrators. Others managed to escape during these days of siege.
Here is a video presenting this siege

Declaration of suspension of the amendment by Carrie LAM, Chief Executive of Hong Kong
Faced with this unusual protest, the Hong Kong government decided to back down by announcing the suspension of the legislative amendment process against which the protesters were reacting.

Police officers deploying in a Hong Kong street on May 10, 2020
This government did not say it was abandoning the project, but was suspending it...

Pro-democracy protesters arrested on May 10, 2020 in Hong Kong
And China will take advantage of the COVID 19 pandemic, as every country faces a major health crisis to announce a "National Security" law in Hong Kong to prevent, stop and suppress any action that seriously threatens national security.
360 protesters were arrested the day before the bill was passed.

Chinese National People's Congress
On May 28, 2020, the Chinese National People's Congress approved this law. This measure will crack down on any separatists and attempts at sedition in Hong Kong and prohibit any interference from foreign forces.

Police officers in Hong Kong on 27/05/2020
This means the end of the principle signed in 1984 for the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China "One Country, Two Systems"...

Many Hong Kongers have decided to leave the city during the year 2020...
Arrests in Hong Kong during rallies against the postponement of the legislative elections on 06/09/2020
In early September, more than 300 people were arrested by Hong Kong police.
Joshua WONG, Ivan LAM, Agnes CHOW in front of the Hong Kong court on 23/11/2020
On December 02, 2020, Joshua WONG, one of the most well-known figures of the protest in Hong-Kong, and two other activists of the pro-democracy movement were sentenced to sentences ranging from seven to thirteen months in prison for participating in a demonstration in June 2019 against the controversial project allowing extraditions to Mainland China.
French Video from 09/2020
on the issue: Hong Kong, the end of democracy?
Last publication of the tabloid "APPLE DAILY" on 06/24/2021
The Hong Kong pro-democracy tabloid "APPLE DAILY", which had 26 years of existence, published its last issue on June 24, 2021 at 1 million copies, after the Justice has frozen its assets. Indeed, the Chinese authorities considered that this newspaper represented a threat for the National Security.
Jimmy Lai arrested on 10/08/2020 in Hong Kong
Its owner, the billionaire Jimmy Lai, aged 72 in 2021, had been arrested under this law for "participating in demonstrations", "collusion with foreign forces" and "conspiracy to defraud". He faces life imprisonment.
Hong Kong police officers pushing back a rally following the closure of a site commemorating
the victims of Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989 in Hong Kong on 04/06/2021

Since the implementation of the National Security Law, the Chinese government has totally stifled any form of protest or opposition in Hong Kong.
The latest development is the closure in Hong Kong of the place where Hongkongers commemorated the victims of Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989.

Update: 12/11/2022


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