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The Ford F 550 MARS - English Version

The Ford F 550 MARS

  - English Version -

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This assault vehicle is used in many countries.

The United States was the first to ask for a way to reach floors with an assault vehicle,

As well as aircraft.

MARS stands for "Mobile Adjustable Ramp System". 

Indeed, it has 2 parallel ramps that can be adjusted to 2 different levels.

This allows to enter, for example, a building simultaneously on the first and second floor.

Moreover, it is equipped with tactical shields to protect the assault teams.

A ladder can also be added to reach a higher level.

The Ford F550 MARS of the Austrian EKO COBRA unit
This design has attracted many countries like Austria,


  Ford F550 MARS of German SEK

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The Ford F550 MARS of the Dutch DSI and BSB
The Netherlands,


As well as many Asian countries.

Ford F550 MARS of the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces)
Countries like Singapore, Thailand, the state of Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines have them.

These countries with international airports are also interested in being able to reach planes with 1 or 2 decks like the Airbus A380.

Assault of the GIGN on the airport of Marignane in France, in 1994
During the 1994 assault by the GIGN of an Air France plane, the feedback (RETEX) showed that the small trucks that are usually used to access the planes are not practical for several reasons, such as the speed, they are very slow, and the opening of the plane door. Indeed, this one must be opened before this staircase truck can access the door.

The Ford F550 MARS makes up for this kind of inconvenience.

The Ford F550 MARS of the Korean KNP
Moreover the powerful character of the vehicle and its maneuverability allow it to evolve as well in city as in industrial zone.

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Video of this vehicle

Renault SHERPA APC Assaut
The French GIGN has relied on a French vehicle, the Renault SHERPA APC Assaut, which allows an armored progression of its crew.
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