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Counter-Assault Team of South Korea - English Version


Counter-Assault Team of South Korea
 - English Version -

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South Korean CAT Members
South Korea's "Counter-Assault Team" is a tactical unit that oversees the South Korean President's presidential convoys.

Member of the American CAT in training
It is copied from its American counterpart, which has the same designation, and is in charge of the protection of the US President.
  - English Version -

South Korean CAT members in training
South Korea CAT members undergo intensive attack training, with counter ambush and close combat tactics..

South Korean CAT members in an observation position during a meeting of the South Korean President.
In black intervention suits, they are equipped with automatic rifles
 and handguns and dismount when the presidential limousine is stopped.

U.S. presidential convoy with CAT cars
When traveling, they move in convoys as close as possible to the South Korean presidential car.
The South Korea CAT vehicles thus create a protective bubble in case of a terrorist attack.

South Korean CAT member in the back of one of their SUVs
Among the escort cars are South Korea CAT members standing in observation from the sunroof of their armored vehicles.
South Korean CAT member in the back of one of their SUVs
This allows these officers to better observe the crowd as the vehicles move or are stopped.
South Korean CAT member in the back of one of their SUVs
Assault rifles are ready to use and are kept close at hand.

Other members in civilian clothes also accompany the convoy and are also observing.
When the vehicle slows down, South Korea CAT members in civilian clothes and the President's bodyguards can dismount.
Likewise, when the vehicle is nearly at a standstill.
Franklin D. ROOSEVELT's trip in 1936
This principle of bubble protection follows the assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934, which imposed a pro-active security around the Presidential limousine. The U.S. Secret Service quickly put in place this system to protect the American President of the time.


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The South Korean authorities have put in place, for several decades, this principle of intervention unit following the important risks that could take place vis-a-vis its North Korean neighbor or isolated individuals who would like to attack their president.

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