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The BRAV-M of the PARIS Police Prefecture - English Version


of the PARIS Police Prefecture

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Binomial of a BRAV-M on April 20, 2019
The BRAV-M for "Brigades de Répression de l'Action Violente Motocycliste" are units composed of motorcycle pilots of the PARIS Police Prefecture and law enforcement forces. Their role is to rapidly deploy units to restore order in places of confrontation.

BRAV-M police officers on May 1, 2019
They were created upon the arrival of the new police prefect of the PARIS Police Prefecture at the end of March 2019. The will of this prefect is to intervene immediately during acts of violence. This is a change from the doctrine of French-style maintenance of order to keep demonstrators at bay.

Vandalism in the streets of Clermont Ferrand during a Yellow Vests demonstration on 23/02/19
This being in the face of the rise in violence and repeated destruction or burning, during each demonstration, on shops, street furniture or vehicles, the decision of the authorities is now to intervene immediately.


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- The action of masked gangs in demonstrations -
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Police officers from a DAR advancing down a street in Paris on December 08, 2018.
They have just replaced the "DAR" (Dispositifs d'Action Rapide) deployed following the riots of December 1, 2018.

Intervention of a motorized unit of the Paris Police Prefecture on 26/01/2019
Inspired by the interventions already carried out at the beginning of 2019, by the motorized pilots of the Paris Police Prefecture, this showed a usefulness in the fast movements on the capital.

French Presentation of the BRAV-M
When the BRAV-M are deployed, the motorcycles arrive first, with their crew, and are supported by vans that complete the device.

French Motorcyclists from the Paris Prefecture during a demonstration on December 15, 2018.
The motorcycle drivers of the Paris Police Prefecture have intervened in this scheme before, as in December 2018, to support the mobile units.

Passengers of a BRAV-M deployed during a demonstration.
This dissuasive side should also prevent blockades such as the ring road or grouping of violent people close to a demonstration.

Video of a BRAV-M intervention on 30/01/2021 on the Place de la République in Paris
The muscular arrests of perpetrators of violence are sometimes difficult because of the presence of other people who can give blows.

French Gendarmes of the motorcycle squadron of the Presidential Guard on May 01, 2019 in Paris
On May 1, 2019, more than 190 motorcycle riders were deployed to meet this need for mobility, including about 20 gendarmes from the Presidential Guard Motorcycle Squadron.


Gendarmes of the Presidential Guard Motorcycle Squadron on May 01, 2019 in Paris
They depend on the First Infantry Regiment of the Republican Guard, usually assigned to escort the President of the Republic. Their knowledge of the streets of PARIS and its close suburbs makes them an asset to quickly project forces of Maintenance of Order.

French Gendarmes of the Presidential Guard Motorcycle Squadron on April 20, 2019 in Paris
They had also been deployed in test on April 20, 2019, on PARIS. During this day, they are 18 motorcycle gendarmes who have allowed to convoy forces of order equipped with shields.
Firefighters of a MIR accompanying a BRAV-M in the streets of Paris in 2020
Since 2020, firemen of Paris accompany the BRAV-M. These units are called MIR for "Moto d'Intervention Rapide". 
They follow them and their missions are
- Safeguarding property and people (law enforcement, onlookers or demonstrators)
- The treatment of the first emergency to prepare the evacuation towards an ambulance
- The extinction of small incipient fires on the scene of a demonstration

Here is a video presentation of this service
of the Paris Fire Department

Voltigeurs of the PVM in the 80's
These units are reminiscent of the PVM (Pelotons Voltigeurs Motoportés) of the 1980s, set up one year after May 68.

Voltigeurs of the PVM in the 80s
The order of the day was to disperse demonstrators with batons and the pairs often stayed on their motorcycles. The tragedy of the death of Malik OUSSEKINE led to the dissolution of these units in 1986.

Arrest of people by members of a BRAV-M on April 20, 2019
However, the new prefect, who arrived at the end of March 2019, was clear about the mission of the BRAV-M in a statement in early April 2019: « While the voltigeurs acted from the motorized vehicles, the motorcycles we use are only used to transport our agents. I have written doctrine notes that explain this simply. »

Video of a BRAV-M group departure

Police motorcyclists forming a BRAV M in Bayonne on 24/08/19
This device is now regularly used in Paris, during demonstrations, as well as in exceptional moments like here in Bayonne, near the covered Market of the city, on August 24, 2019 in margin of the G7 BIARRITZ.


Video of the arrival of a BRAV-M unit
in Bayonne in August 2019

Binomes of the Swiss Gendarmerie
Other countries have implemented this intervention process for several years, like here in SWITZERLAND, with Swiss gendarmes of the BSR (Brigade de la Sécurité Routière)
On these two videos, you can see them in action:

The Swiss Riot Control Forces

Bikers of the Greek Police
Or also in GREECE.

On these two videos, you can see them in action:

Greek Riot Forces

Members of the Portuguese EPRI
PORTUGAL has mobile intervention units that consist of several pairs per motorcycle to intervene quickly in many points of LISBON. Its difference is that it is used in anti-crime and anti-terrorism fights, hence its armed equipment.


  Two crews in pairs on motorcycles during the EURO 2016 Cup, near the Eiffel Tower
France also uses units that it constitutes according to the threats, as during the EURO 2016, where motorcycle pilots supported police officers of the BRI, to intervene quickly in PARIS and its close suburbs in an anti-terrorist framework.
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