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The limousines of the Presidents of South Korea - English Version


The limousines of the Presidents of South Korea
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President MOON Jae In's 2017 inauguration on the streets of Seoul
Since the early 2010s, South Korean Presidents have traveled in HYUNDAI Equus Stretch limousines.
Investiture of President MOON Jae-In in 2017 in the streets of Seoul
This limousine is armored and like the American and Russian President, there are two identical limousines that ride together, one of which is used as a decoy.

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Investiture of President MOON Jae-In in 2017 in the streets of Seoul
The wheels are intended to roll even if they are punctured.
Presidential cars are surrounded by escort cars as they travel creating a protective bubble.
  President PARK Geun-Hye's inauguration in 2013 in the streets of Seoul
At low speed, bodyguards surround the limousine.
   Indeed, this principle of a protective bubble follows the Assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934 and imposed a pro-active security around the Presidential limousine.

During certain low-speed trips, bodyguards can observe through sunroofs the direct surroundings.

A special unit armed with assault rifles also escorts the presidential convoy: the Counter Assault Team (CAT) copied from the American one.
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- South Korean CAT -
 - The protection service of the South Korean President
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The Hyundai Equus Stretch are also equipped with oxygen tanks in case of CBRN (Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological or Nuclear) attack with a system of over-compression of the air inside the passenger compartment.

This Equus Stretch limousine exists in a convertible version for specific visits of the South Korean President.

This allows for example to review military troops.
The interior is arranged to be able to stand at low speeds.
Since 2019, the new presidential car is a South Korean car: the GENESIS EQ900.
Also since 2019, the South Korean president can be seen traveling in a Hyundai NEXO SUV to promote the new electric and hydrogen technology...

The previous cars of South Korean presidents were mostly American limousines as here in the 50s,

the 70s,

the 80's,

Since the 2000s, they were mostly German MAYBACH limousines.
Here are some videos of these limousines:



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