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The Mercedes 600 W-100 PULLMAN - English Version



The Mercedes 600 W-100 PULLMAN

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Protoype Mercedes 600 - W100 - Short chassis - 4 doors

Mercedes is going to offer, to billionaires, heads of state, kings, emirs, as well as to big hotels, a limousine out of the ordinary: the Mercedes 600 W100 Long Chassis Pullman.


Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long Chassis Pullman - 4 doors

Filled with avant-garde technology for the time and with its powerful engine, its design will remain unchanged until 1981...


Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long chassis Pullman - 6 doors

It will be marketed from September 1964.


Mercedes 600 – W100 - long chassi Pullman - Landaulet

The preparer LANDAULET will equip many models with its know-how and luxury with expensive options ...


Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long chassis Pullman of Pope

The Pope will have his Mercedes 600.

Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long chassis Pullman of Pope

This one will have longer rear doors.

Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long chassis Pullman of Pope

Its canvas roof allowed the Pope to stand to greet the crowd.


Rear seat of the Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long chassis Pullman of Pope

He will even have the right to a unique seat in the back...

Pope John Paul II in his Mercedes 600 - W100 - Pullman long chassis

Even Pope John Paul II used it to move around St Peter's Square at ROMA.

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Mercedes 600 of Marshal Tito, Yugoslav president receiving Richard NIXON in 1970 

Quickly, it becomes the ceremonial car of presidents or dictators.

Video of Richard NIXON's visit to Yugoslavia in 1970   


Mercedes 600 - W100 - Pullman long chassis of Yugoslavia Marshal Tito 

receiving URSS President Leonid BREJNEV in Belgrade in September 1971

It allows to receive the guests of the presidents in place in their countries and to be able to greet the crowd for the Mercedes 600 equipped with flexible canvas in the back.


Video of the Mercedes 600 of Yugoslavia Marshal TITO


Smaller countries also use it as here Luxembourg during the reception by the Grand Duke Jean of the French President Georges POMPIDOU in 1972.

The Queen of England at her arrival at the airport of BONN/Cologne on May 18, 1965

The Queen of England Elisabeth II was also welcomed in Mercedes 600 PULLMANN in long chassis, as here during a state visit in Germany which lasted 11 days in May 1965.

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She crossed many German cities with the same Mercedes 600 as here, in Munich, on May 21, 1965,


or here Stuttgart, with German Chancellor Kurt KIESINGER, on May 24, 1965,


or here, in Duisberg, still in May 1965,


or in front of the Berlin Wall, on May 27, 1965,


Generals, princes and kings of the Middle East also ordered this vehicle, as here during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the United Arab Emirates for four days in February 1979,


or here during the visit of King Fahd of Arabia received by Hosni MOUBARAK in Egypt in 1989.


or here, with King Hussein of Jordan...


The Austrian government also had two Mercedes 600 extended:

a limousine and a convertible .

Assigned to the Austrian Federal President, he used them during receptions of heads of state,

or crowned heads, as here in this video, during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1969.


During the official trips of the Austrian Federal President, special plates were attached to the license plates.

One of them was put up for sale in 2018 with 78,000 kilometers on the clock.


Here a rear view of this limousine.

We can see its driving position,

as well as the rear cockpit.


The Belgian royal family also has a Mercedes 600 ordered in 1968 and which was used for the wedding of the Belgian Crown Prince Philippe and his wife Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz on 04 December 1999.


Investiture of the Belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde on 21/07/2013

It also served the day of his investiture during the abdication of his father King Albert II on July 21, 2013.

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The King of Morocco Mohammed VI also owns a Mercedes 600 Pullman which he regularly uses during royal visits, as here in July 2014 with the King and Queen of Spain,

or on this video with King Abdullah II of Jordan in 2017,

with presidents of countries, here, with French President François HOLLANDE, in October 2015,


or with the Pope, here Francis I in March 2019.


Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Kenya

with President Jomo KENYATTA on 26/03/1972

Other very good customers of these luxurious Mercedes, the African presidents and dictators.


Kenyan President on board the Mercedes 600 Pullman

  182 examples will be delivered in Africa.


The African roads were not really designed for this kind of vehicle, as here during a slight mishap of the Mercedes 600 of the Kenyan President Jomo KENYATTA.


They were mainly used in African capitals as here in Chad, during the visit of French President Georges POMPIDOU to Chadian President François TOMBALBAYE in January 1972


or here during the visit of the French President François MITTERAND welcomed by the Senegalese President Abou DIOUF in May 1982.


Here is the Mercedes 600 Pullman of the President of Liberia...


The North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il will own two of them in long version...


Mercedes 600 – W100 -  Pullman short chassis

2.677 examples will be produced from 1964 to 1981. On this number, 2.190 were short chassis, on the long chassis, 304 were Pullman 4 doors, 124 Pullman 6 doors and 59 Landaulet models.


Mercedes 600 - W100 - Long chassis Pullman - 6 doors

The first market will be the USA with 743 models, then Germany with 536 models, Asia with 473 vehicles, Africa with 182, France with 151 cars and the UK with 126 models...

Here are two publicity photos for the short chassis sedan: 

The singer David BOWIE in front of his Mercedes 600 - W100 - Pullman long chassis

Many star peoples will be the happy owners as above the singer David BOWIE,


The singer David BOWIE inside his Mercedes 600 - W100 - Châssis long Pullman

but also Elton JOHN, John LENNON and the king Elvis PRESLEY...

Video of Presentation of Mercedes Pullman 600
The Mercedes Pullman 600 - Type W100
at 1/87

Model: Mercedes 600 W100 Pullman
Brand: BREKINA Scale: 1/87
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