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CAMBLI Tactical Armoured Trucks - English Version



CAMBLI Tactical Armoured Trucks

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"Thunder 1" from CAMBLI TAT

It is a Canadian company that has existed for about fifty years in QUEBEC and is based in St Jean sur Richelieu. It employs more than 270 people.


« Thunder 1 » from CAMBLI TAT

It is specialized in armored vehicles.


« Thunder 1 » of Vancouver

It has delivered several of its vehicles to the Canadian police services, including the "Thunder 1" model to the city of Vancouver,


« Thunder 1 » of the YORK Police Department

of YORK, 


« Thunder 1 » of the ONTARIO Police Department




 « Thunder 1 » of QUEBEC City Police

of city of QUEBEC 

"Thunder 1" of the city of Montreal

and the City of MONTREAL with its GTI unit.


"Thunder 1" of the city of Montreal

The Police of MONTREAL uses it to approach difficult areas.


"Thunder 1" of the city of Montreal

Very functional, this vehicle allows to be protected from lethal fire.

The " THUNDER 2 " of the GTI de la Sureté du Québec in December 2018

The Groupe d'Intervention Tactique (GTI) of the Sureté du Québec has received a "THUNDER 2" in 2018.


This armored truck, based on a military design, makes it possible to get up close and personal with armed people.


For the GTI of the Sureté du Québec, many means of approach and entry have been adapted to this vehicle.

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With these large walkways, this vehicle allows to reach the roof of houses or small buildings or companies.


This allows the special forces to be able to intervene quickly on high points.


In addition, at the front of the vehicle, it has a telescopic arm that can be used to approach a suspicious package containing an explosive.

It can also be equipped with a ram, with hydraulic cylinder, which allows to facilitate the entry by breaking a door rather than the deposit of explosives to open it.


Here is a video of the "Thunder 2" demonstration


This vehicle can also be used in the maintenance of order in front of riots and have a blade in the front that allows to push a barricade or a burned car.

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CAMBLI TAT armored vehicle ordered in 2019 by the CALGARY Police Department.

In April 2019, the CALGARY Police in CANADA purchased a new CAMBLI TAT brand armored van to replace the old one that they felt had reached the end of its useful life cycle.


CAMBLI TAT armored vehicle ordered in 2019 by the CALGARY Police Department

The old armored vehicle was purchased in 2007 and was "heavily used." Calgary Police Services first used an armored vehicle in 1974 during a shooting that resulted in one death and several injuries. At that time, the police had to borrow the armoured vehicle from the army. This intervention led to the creation of the department's first tactical unit.


The CAMBLI TAT brand also offers a small armored 4X4: the "BLACK WOLF".


It too has been ordered by several Canadian police services, such as the Canadian city of EDMONTON,


and the Canadian city of Fredericton.


 A new vehicle has arrived in 2023: the BLACKWOLF from Canadian manufacturer CAMBLI.
This vehicle offers better visibility than the other armoured vehicles currently owned by the RAID.

We can see that this will of the Canadian Police to equip its intervention forces is on the whole territory:


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Here is a small video of the "BLACK WOLF".


It is also marketed in Europe, in partnership with the Berlin coachbuilder STOOF.

STOOF Automotive Security Technology


It also offers armored cash transport vans to large companies in Canada and the USA.

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It equips the largest cash-in-transit companies such as BRINKS

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And offers all kinds of models from trucks to 4X4.


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