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The action of masked gangs during the demonstrations - English Version


The action of masked gangs during the demonstrations

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Individuals grouped in a "Black Bloc" on the Austerlitz bridge in Paris on 01/05/2018
To illustrate this topic, let's take three events that took place in Paris on May 1, 2018, the second also in Paris, on March 16, 2019 and the third in Bastia in early March 2022.
For the first event, on May 1, 2018, during a demonstration for Labor Day, with union claims and against government measures, a grouping of more than 1,200 masked individuals, at the head of the procession, on the Pont d'Auterlitz in Paris, coordinated in "Black Blocs".

Individuals moving in a "Black Bloc" in Paris on 01/05/2018
They attacked Urban furniture, as well as more than thirty businesses that they vandalized, to then challenge the forces of law and order with rocket and pavement throws.

Vehicles set on fire in Paris on 01/05/2018
Two businesses were set on fire. The first, a car salesman without a license and then a "Mac Donald"Restaurant, symbol according to them of junk food as well as on the exploitation of students who work there to make a side salary.

French CSI facing members of Black Blocs in Paris on 01/05/2018
It was reproached by various political people, as well as by the unions, the unpreparedness and inaction of the forces of Order.
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French CRS hit by a Molotov cocktail throw in Paris on 01 May 2017
During the previous May Day in 2017, in between the two rounds of the French presidential elections, they were estimated at 600 individuals and several police officers were injured, one of whom was severely burned.

Small group confronting police during the NATO summit in Strasbourg in 2009
This technique of violent outbursts is known to the intelligence services as it is regularly used in various demonstrations in France. In 2009, during the NATO summit in Strasbourg,

Individuals throwing objects at the police in Nantes on 01/11/2014 
during a march against police violence and in tribute to Rémi FRAISSE
or in 2014, in Nantes, against Police violence. The services had identified risks of confrontation with individuals who gave themselves on this mode of attacks.

French CRS facing violent individuals on 01/05/2018
The number of Forces de l'Ordre present during this May 1, 2018 in Paris was 1,500 police officers, the same number as the previous year. It is the large number of individuals to form "Black Blocs", at the head of the procession, which surprised.

  Three riot trucks in Paris on 01/05/2018
However a significant number of riot trucks were used to allow to keep them at bay.

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CRS throwing a tear gas grenade in Paris on 01/05/2018
After pushing them back, the Forces of Order began making arrests.

CRS approaching the Jardin des Plantes in Paris on 01/05/2018
They managed to make a mousetrap, near the Jardin des Plantes, which allowed the arrest of more than 200 individuals.

Some of those arrested and passed in immediate appearance, May 3, 2018, for "Participation in a group formed to commit violence or damage" had during their arrests often concealed face. For the most part, they had in their bags: stones, scissors, maces, swimming pool masks ...

As for the profiles of those arrested, among them, a young man with a degree from the Central School is a consultant with a monthly salary of 4,200 euros. Another, younger, his father is a financial director, or this other young man whose father is a researcher at CNRS.

According to Sylvain BOULOQUE, specialist of the Radical Left, interviewed by France Info, on 03/05/18, all profiles cohabit: they have different political backgrounds, some claiming to be Marxists, others anarchists, as well as eco-radicals, vegans, anti-fascists...
Individuals throwing projectiles in Paris on 01/05/2018
By the end of the day more than 270 arrests had been made.

Here are some videos from that day:

Individuals vandalizing a restaurant in Paris on 01/05/2018
The next morning, a hundred were still in custody. By late morning, 53 of them were released. Indeed, their files were closed without action, because for the most part, the images made by the teams of French CRS and video surveillance of the "Command Post of the Paris Police Prefecture", did not allow to formally identify them.

Bank establishment burned during Act 18 of the Yellow Vests on 16/03/19 in Paris
The second example, on Saturday March 16, 2019, during Act 18 during a demonstration of the Yellow vests in Paris, again, more than 1,500 individuals (Police estimate), and who were not dressed in yellow vests for the most part, attacked the Forces of Order and surrounding businesses.

Masked individual attacking Gendarmerie vehicles on 16/03/19 in Paris
More than 220 arrests were made and 185 people were taken into custody.
Among those arrested were Germans and Belgians.

Restaurant ransacked on the edge of the Champs Elysées on 16/03/19 in Paris
  In spite of more than 5.000 forces of Order on Paris, of which a part protected the surroundings of the Arc de Triomphe, the Elysée and the National Assembly, those had difficulty to push back them.

Videos of scene of attacks by masked people
during the 16/03/2019 in Paris

Molotov cocktails thrown against the police in Bastia, Corsica on 06/03/2022
For the third event, clashes took place during demonstrations in Corsica in the city of Bastia, following the assault of Yvan COLONNA, a Corsican detainee who was violently assaulted by another co-detainee and fell into a coma. At the end of the demonstration, hooded groups dressed in black began to harass the Police.
Clashes of hooded people dressed in black against the forces of order in Bastia on 09/03/2022
  The methods of harassment of the police are the same as in Paris. An attack, they retreat then reform at the back and harass again.
Molotov cocktails thrown at gendarmes and CRS in Bastia in France on 09/03/2022
  The aim being to injure police officers and gendarmes present...
Small group attacking the forces of order in Bastia in France on 08/03/2022
  These groups repeating for several days these actions, during the demonstrations, throwing molotov cocktails, petanque balls, dumbbells and agricultural bombs.

Individuals in a Black Bloc in Paris on 01/05/2018
On this type of actions, there is no precise organization of "black blocks", so no status, nor identified leader. It is a principle of combat: dressed all in black, gloved, masked with hoods on their heads, they drown in the group they form.

Black Bloc organized during a demonstration in Milan, Italy, 03/05/2015
To coordinate, it is either by oral, or by social networks with instant information, and very often a few hours before the start of a demonstration.

This type of action is similar to a technique known as SWARMING. Moving in groups and being very mobile, they adapt, deform, reform and are sometimes offensive, sometimes in retreat.

Black-block technique at the Ste Soline demonstration on 25/03/2023

These harassment techniques, known as SWARMING, have also been used in recent demonstrations, such as this one against a mega-plant project in FRANCE.

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French Police car set on fire on the sidelines of a demonstration against the Labor Law on May 18, 2016.
To arrest the right people, it requires investigations like those that had allowed the arrest of the perpetrators who had burned a police car, during demonstrations in May 2016.

Paris court, 21/09/17, at the trial of the 9 aggressors
who burned a police car and assaulted a police officer on May 18, 2016

On September 21, 2017, had opened the trial of the people who had assaulted a police officer and set fire to his car on the sidelines of the demonstrations of the labor law on 18/05/2016. On the dock, 8 alleged attackers were before the judges.

Video of the attack
Confused for some by the analysis of videos and by a French intelligence policeman present during the attack on the car, all are students. One is Swiss, another American, and the others French. The vast majority of them have clean records. They were facing up to ten years in prison and a 150,000 euro fine.

Garage of the gendarmerie barracks of Grenoble burned down on 20/09/17
At the same time, on the night of September 20, 2017, a building in the Grenoble gendarmerie barracks, where about thirty gendarmerie vehicles and exhibits were parked, was totally destroyed in an arson attack. An ultra-left group claimed responsibility for this action, indicating that this act was  "part of a wave of attacks in solidarity with the people who are on trial for the police car burned on 18/05/17".
Link to a French News article reporting these facts
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Defendants protecting themselves with jackets and umbrellas against cameras and
of the media on 20/09/2017 at the Court of Paris
  At the end of the trial, seven of the defendants were sentenced to sentences ranging from one year suspended to seven years in prison.

German demonstration constituted in "Black Blocs" in January 1986 in Hamburg
against evictions of squats in Hafenstrasse.
This technique of "black blocks" appeared in West Germany in the 80s, in big cities like Berlin or Hamburg. They have, already at that time, a detestation of the police, of capitalism and of globalization.

Video summarizing the 2 days of riots in Seattle in 1999 following the WTO
The model will be carried in other countries and on the occasion of big events like in the USA in 1991 against the war in Iraq or in Seattle in 1999 during the summit of the WTO, the World Trade Organization.

Body of the student Carlo GIULIANI shot by a policeman during the G8 in Genoa - Italy - 2001
then 2 years later, in July 2001, in Genoa in Italy, against the "G8" where there will be a death of a demonstrator, killed by a policeman.

Grouping of individuals in order to search them by German policemen
Germany has adapted to this type of grouping, by means of these "Bereitschaftspolizei" units, i.e. by carrying out preventive controls,

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German police forces supervising a demonstration
or by directing the demonstrators to safe areas,

Police escorting a demonstration in Germany
Or escorting them to prevent them from breaking.

Riot truck and German police
And when they do manage to regroup, German law enforcement uses riot trucks and lots of police to disorganize them.
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Protest during the G20 in Hamburg from 06-07-08 July 2017.
But this requires a huge amount of law enforcement personnel and with an increased risk of injuries...

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Destruction of businesses on the sidelines of the peaceful protest
of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in Seattle - 01/05/2012
This phenomenon of violence has become increasingly important, just about everywhere in Western countries, as you can see on the link above:

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The use of human and material means, always so important, is related to the acts of aggression increasingly violent and poses a real reflection:

Group being all dressed in dark outfits and masking their faces
during a demonstration in Germany
Here is an excerpt from the 2015 French parliamentary report on « Establishing a state of play and making proposals in terms of missions and modalities of maintaining Republican order. » :
« A third and final development concerning the protesting actors was unanimously noted by those heard by the commission. This is the increasingly frequent and numerous presence of violent individuals motivated, more or less, by the sole desire to disrupt public order, to commit acts of violence (including against the demonstrators themselves) or to confront the security forces. »

- The ongoing violence in demonstrations in France -
- and in the Western world -

Notre Dame des Landes  - France - 2014
 « These individuals differ from the historical model of the "casseur" by two characteristics: on the one hand, they are structured in organized collectives deliberately seeking to commit offenses»

Individuals during the G20 in Hamburg, Germany, July 06-07-08, 2017
« and by relying on greater availability of information on social movements, they have become practically professionalized and willingly travel - including outside their country's borders - in order to be present at events of their choice, regardless of the motives and watchwords. »

The Minister of the Interior, Gérard COLLOMB, in St Astier, 08/06/18
The Minister of the Interior, Gérard COLLOMB
The Minister of the Interior, Gérard COLLOMB outlined, on June 08, 2018, at the Gendarmerie's St Astier training center, the law enforcement doctrine to be adopted during upcoming interventions:
Developed on the basis of RETEX (Return of Experiences) of four major operations carried out in recent months (Bure, Notre Dame des Landes, Management of movements in universities in May 2018 and the demonstration of May 1, 2018), the doctrine evolves around a major axis:
The judicialization of troublemakers

Video of this visit of 08/06/2018

Three principles will be taken into account:
1- Better prepare and anticipate public order maneuvers

2- Guarantee the full and complete application of the law

3- Better explain and communicate
on the meaning of the action undertaken.

CSI and CRS facing Yellow Vests demonstrators on 11/24/18 on the Champs Elysees in Paris
However the riots that occurred on the margins of the so-called "Yellow Vests" demonstrations on 24/11/18 and 01/12/18 on the Champs Elysées, or elsewhere in France, impose a new reflection on this type of extremely violent demonstrations:

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Violence on 16/11/19 Place d'Italie during the gathering of the Yellow Vests
During the 16 November 2019 rallies celebrated the "One year of the Yellow Vests" in connection with the date of November 18, 2019. A demonstration was authorized in PARIS with a departure from the Porte d'Italie. But very quickly, clashes broke out with people without yellow vests. In Paris, more than 140 people were questioned and 78 were taken into custody.

CRS of deploying on Toulouse the 16/11/19 during the gathering of the Yellow Vests
Others have also degenerated in Nantes, Montpellier, Toulouse and Lyon.

Firemen under the protection of CSI to put out fires Place d'Italie on 16/11/19
In Paris, some individuals lit fires and prevented the firemen from approaching. They had to be protected by the police to extinguish them.

Video of one of these interventions

CRS deployed near a bank in Paris on 16/11/19
The radicalism of some shows a determination for many gatherings to degenerate. As this comment of a Yellow Vest saying himself of the First hour: « It is not the end, it is just the beginning of the beginning! Like many Yellow Vests, we make the same analysis. We are in the winter of 1940-41. We are 3 to 5% of resisters, 20% of collabos who know what they want and 80% of waiters. I and the people around me know that we are embarking on a minimum of three years of resistance. ».


Deployment of CSI in Paris on 16/11/19
To cope with these repeated violence, the doctrine of law enforcement has adapted over the protests. Rather than being on static positions and maintain at a distance, since several months, as soon as there is violence, fast interventions of BRAV-M, and arrests of the casseurs for a judicialization of the facts noticed.

Mobile gendarmes on 16/11/19
These techniques oblige to go to the contact to approach the persons having committed criminal acts...

Here is a video showing moments of this demonstration in Paris on 16/11/2019

In France, in mid-September 2020, the government presented a National Scheme for Maintaining Order, after more than a year and a half of reflection following the regular infiltration of thugs within the processions of demonstrators. The result is changes in communication, evolution of tactics and modes of action, as well as the use of technological and material progress with human reinforcement.

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Videos of different demonstrations around the world
with violence exercised by these movements:

Paris - France - 01/05/2018

Paris - France - 01/05/2016

Paris - France - 31/03/2016

Milan - Italy - 03/05/2015

Londres - United Kingdom - 04/042015

Rome - Italy - 17/10/2011

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