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The limousines of the Japanese Emperors - English Version



The limousines of the Japanese Emperors

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Escort of the Emperor HIRO HITO in the 20's in a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

The appearances, in this beginning of the XXth century, of the Emperor of Japan MEIJI (Emperor from 1867 to 1912) and of his successor Emperor TAISHO TENNO (from 1912 to 1926), outside the Japanese Imperial Palace enclosure, are very rare... The heir of the Emperor TAISHO TENNEO, the Emperor HIROHITO (Emperor from 1926 to 1989) will drive when he will be Crown Prince, then Emperor, in two ROLL'S ROYCE Silver Ghost Limousine.


The Emperor HIROHITO descending from his ROLL'S ROYCE Silver Ghost

Emperor HIROHITO loved to parade in these luxurious cars.


Photo colored in the colors of the Japanese Imperial Car.

The Japanese imperial color was "IMPERIAL RED" with black moldings and golden decorative nets.


Visit to London of the Crown Prince HIROHITO in 1921

At the time of an official visit in London in 1921, whereas he is only Crown Prince, his father, the Emperor TAISHO TENNEO authorized that he takes one of his ROLL'S ROYCE.


In front of one of the entrances of the Japanese Imperial Palace

For the small history, at the beginning of the years 30, these two ROLL'S ROYCE were dismantled and the engines used to feed in water the Imperial Palace following a problem of pressure in the plumbing...


Exit of the Mercedes 770 PULLMAN of the Japanese Imperial Palace accompanied by its escort of side car

The Emperor HIROHITO will circulate from the 30s in a MERCEDES BENZ 770 PULLMAN of 1935.


The Mercedes 770 PULLMAN of the Emperor of Japan in a street of Tokyo

His subjects can see him on board this limousine during national celebrations.


On this picture, we can see the Imperial Seal of Japan, representing a Chrysanthemum, which is affixed on the rear door of the Imperial Mercedes.


During his outings, the Emperor is escorted by imperial guards on sidecars creating a protective bubble around the Imperial Limousine
   This principle of a protective bubble follows the assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934, which imposed a pro-active security around the Presidential limousine.


Here is its original color. This limousine can be seen in the MERCEDES Brand Museum in STUTTGART, Germany.



Here is a video from 1937 of a trip of the Emperor

aboard his imperial Mercedes


In 1947, the Emperor HIROHITO will choose again the brand ROLLS ROYCE as Japanese Imperial car with this Silver WRAITH Hooper in front of the Imperial Palace in TOKYO.


NISSAN PRINCE ROYAL in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

The post-war industrial boom will make Japan produce cars industrially. The brand "Prince Motor Company" which will merge later with NISSAN, is chosen to provide imperial cars to the Japanese Emperor.


NISSAN will propose to the Imperial Household, in 1967, the "PRINCE ROYAL" which will be built in 7 copies for the Emperor.

These cars will be used for 40 years until 2006 by the Japanese Imperial Household...


Here is the back cut of the car. This vehicle has 3 rows of seats: The driver and the bodyguard at the front, a central folding seat is occupied by an employee of the Japanese Imperial Household, who stands in front of the Emperor and the Empress.


Here is the front, parked inside the Imperial Palace in TOKYO.


Here is a video showing it from different angles



During the Japanese Emperor's travels, he was escorted by NISSAN PRESIDENT.



or by TOYOTA CENTURY 1st then 2nd Generation



This TOYOTA was only sold in Japan. It does not have the TOYOTA logo but a Phoenix. This escort car is also attributed to ministers or business leaders.



At the time of the burial of the Emperor HIROHITO in 1989, a funeral convoy transported this one in a "NISSAN PRINCE ROYAL" fitted out in hearse, and which was used to the Japanese Imperial House at the time of death of the Japanese Imperial family.


Video of the funeral convoy of HIROHITO

escorted by the Japanese Imperial Side-cars of the time


Other video of this funeral convoy


When the heir of HIROHITO, the Emperor AKIHITO (Emperor of 1990 to 2019), is enthroned on November 12, 1990, this one moved, with his wife the Empress MICHIKO, on board a ROLL'S ROYCE Corniche III.


The Ceremonial always imposing the motorized escort around the Emperor. It was used twice. This day of 1990 for the enthronement of the Emperor and in 1993, at the time of the procession of the Marriage of the Crown Prince NARUHITO.


This way in convertible is more convenient to greet his subjects in the streets of TOKYO.


Exit in front of the Japanese Imperial Palace

During these inductions, a long procession leaves the Japanese Imperial House.


It then goes to the streets of the Japanese capital so that the Japanese people greet their sovereign.


Video of this journey

from 43mn and 55s


We can see her in the compound of the Imperial Palace of TOKYO, next to one of the NISSAN PRINCE ROYAL.


It is in 2006 that the TOYOTA CENTURY ROYAL is presented to the Japanese Imperial House.


As for the NISSAN PRINCE ROYAL, this royal limousine is equipped with three rows of seats for the same functions: driver and bodyguard in the front, the Emperor's order on the folding seat in front of him, and the rear seats for the Emperor and his wife.

The Chrysanthemum, symbol of the Japanese Imperial Household, is always present and in a discreet way, on the rear doors and on the bumpers, in the place of the plates.


This limousine is unique because it is produced only for the Emperor of Japan. The Japanese Imperial Household has four of them, all armored.


Its engine is a V12 5.0 liters of 280 horsepower.


The Empress MICHIKO descended from the TOYOTA CENTURY ROYAL

The rear doors open like the principle of the ROLL'S ROYCE.

STS LEXUS of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police

Convertibles of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police are also present in the imperial processions.

 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police

They precede the Japanese Imperial limousine,

 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police

And follow it.

STS LEXUS of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police

On board, four policemen,  

STS LEXUS of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police

and Japanese generals follow.

 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

These are also used for parades or reviews of police units.
Here are different models with here a Buick Riviera,
a Cadillac Eldorado,

a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham,
and a LEXUS.       


There is also a TOYOTA CENTURY ROYAL hearse to transport deceased members of the Japanese Imperial Family, as seen here at the funeral of Prince KATSURA in June 2014.


This one is used exclusively for the Japanese Imperial family...


It can be seen here during the procession in 2014 for the burial of Prince KATSURA.

There also with the escort of the Japanese Imperial sidecar


Video of this hearse during the funeral

of Prince MIKASA on November 02, 2016


Other Funeral Processions :

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The ROYAL PARADE CAR is a unique variant of the TOYOTA CENTURY, created especially for the enthronement of Japanese Emperor NARUHITO (Emperor from 2019 to present) on October 22, 2019, after the abdication of his father, former Emperor AKIHITO.


The brand offered the New Japanese Emperor this model, which allowed the people to cheer their new emperor in the presence of Empress MASAKO.


The ROYALE PARADE CAR on 22/10/2019

The story of the creation of this model begins in mid-2018. Two Japanese manufacturers, NISSAN and TOYOTA, were approached to each propose a vehicle with an open roof, to replace the 1990 ROLL'S ROYCE Corniche III.


On November 19, 2018, the presentations of the projects are proposed at the Japanese Imperial House.
But Patatras, a certain Franco-Libano-Brazilian named Carlos GHOSN was arrested by the Tokyo Police on the same day.


It was out of the question for the Japanese Imperial Household to be in a vehicle whose President of the brand would have antecedents with the Police...

It is thus TOYOTA which gained the selection with this model four doors.



Here is the departure of this procession in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Here are two videos of this car


Parade in the streets of Tokyo on 22/10/2019

During this imperial procession in the streets, the Japanese Imperial Sidecar escort was also present.



Imperial side-car escort in 1990

This escort goes back to the very beginning of the Japanese Imperial exits of the Emperor to create a bubble of protection and replaced the horsemen of formerly who escorted the carriages...


Exit of the Mercedes 770 PULLMAN from the Japanese Imperial Palace accompanied by its side car escort

Here an escort in the 1930s


And here at the end of the 2020's


We can see that there are two positions for the second guard, sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right to be on the right side of the imperial limousine during the escort.


Here are some videos of these processions 

on board of the TOYOTA CENTURY ROYAL:

And here aboard a classic TOYOTA CENTURY:
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